How to overcome laziness?

1. To stop lazy, you have nothing to do

I'm serious. Be the middle of the room and do nothing, absolutely nothing: do not eat, do not drink, do not read, do not lie, do not listen to music, do not worry. In less than fifteen minutes, and you definitely will take over the case.

2. Yes, there is the case for five minutes

Force yourself to work for five minutes, it's much easier than taking over the case, knowing that you have to work all day. Five minutes can endure anything, and at the same time this is enough to get started. Then you will not be able to stop.

3. Break the big things on the part of

Tackle the big problems is simply impossible. Break it into small pieces and follow the turn - it's much easier.

4. Routine - away!

To do everything just to do nothing? Eat, wash dishes, go to the store, check email, watch the news, read the blogs of friends ... It is clear that all this is a distraction from the main tasks and can only be done in your spare time.

5. Work with the morning

People are divided into "larks" and "owls" (I, just, owl). Owls usually a lazy day, inventing endless excuses and for the case just sit in the evening. Cute owls, we are equally can work both day and night.

6. Reward yourself

Any work should be rewarded, therefore, working themselves useful time encouraged. Performed part of the deal - have a cup of coffee with your favorite cookies, stroll or just relax for 5 minutes. It is a good habit.

7. Do not wait for tomorrow

Tomorrow - is the busiest day of the week, because we are constantly putting off things for tomorrow. If you want to start over, do it right now - tomorrow will be a very a string thing or you simply change your mind. Even if quite late, start their own business today - finish the job more easily than start a new one.


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