"Fox stayed with us because he had come to look at the Maidan. It Maidan came to us because they came fox."

< Boris Bittner

Maybe enough to lie something good gentlemen?
Well, what does Maidan to the appreciation of the dollar? To the decline of the industry? For unreturned NDSU? For thousands of private small businesses, medium-sized businesses? Besides that almost caused the middle class began to die out like the dinosaurs of "beautiful investment climate"? What does the protest of hundreds of thousands of free people in a free country still has a little white fur-bearing animals, which is already walking on the snow-covered fields of our country?
Nothing to do with what happened to all of the Maidan has not.
You should not confuse cause and effect. Fox stayed with us because he had come to look at the Maidan. This Maidan came to us because they came fox.
What influences on the dollar? First of all - the ostrich policy of the government, which considers a good face on a bad game cure for all ills. Actions of the National Bank - a single song. Our dear Parliament and our beloved President.
That's all - time. Now a lot - two.
Syndrome of expectation plays a role, but only slightly. Rumors wacky added confidence. Irresponsible statements of the so-called analysts, each of whom wants to tell terrible prognosis. And why did not you tell? People digest all - believe in bad easily! You try to believe in the good!
In our country, all as usual, waiting for disaster. It's quite common - bad luck. Tomorrow will be worse than yesterday - this is our Ukrainian optimism, there is such a variety. And, basically, people are right. The crisis - a crisis, but our strong business executives may well compete with the Soviet Gosplan, which is known to be able to destroy the economy of any country. In anticipation of the promised "pokraschennya" people slowly but surely aware of what the current "stabilizets." And rising prices, though unpleasant surprise, but they are not afraid. It is terrible that we have ceased to see the future.
Remember the poster on one of the barricades Maidana: "I'm sorry. We hesitated! "? It's true - we hesitated.
Several years, the country was ruled by ... you know what. I since 1988 in business, but do not remember that it was so bad, as from the 12th - on the 14th.
Ruled out of hand. Corruption blossomed magnificent color, taxes pressed ... lied, betrayed, bribed so talented, that the whole world applauded - at the time of giving Oscar.
Or maybe kick out of our successful managers. What is there to say about the technical government? We are tired of waiting.
I understand that the political crisis is not so easy to eliminate, but I was still in the institute taught that the policy of the derivative of the economy. In practice, however, did differently, but taught correctly. Maybe we should start with the economy? Invite specialists hired at a salary of government and put their fee depending on the progress made? Sign a memorandum of non-interference, to issue a set of laws that give professionals the full power for five to seven to ten years, but only if a specific plan for each year? Remember - the five-year plan? Why reinvent, it was all up to us.
President let fly around the world, waving his pen and portrays the Queen of England. Parliament has been let legislative service "government professionals", and we'll work safely and normally. After all, the same people are working in Germany, Holland, France and Italy? Just work, live, pay taxes, which, of course, also stolen, but conscientious, a little bit - country life enough. And there will be a golden age - because the country will be led by hired professionals who do not care about anything other than the result of well-being and which directly depends on what will be the result.
Of course, all the above - Manilovism, but really want to live in a normal country. Without going anywhere without thinking about how to give up everything - burn it with fire! And not to build barricades, because we hesitated, and building the country. It's great when everyone on the place to build a country. And no "poperednikov" or "poslidovnikov" - has a purpose and a desire to achieve it.
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