How to become a good company?

To be considered a good conversationalist, you need to perform certain rules:

* Give the other person to speak, not to interrupt him.
* Listen carefully to the interlocutor, to look at him. Do not read the log during a conversation, do not look out the window, do not be distracted by phone calls.

* Smile. Frown your face causes anxiety and awkwardness of the interlocutor.
* Do not distract interlocutor during his story questions and comments.

* Do not try to refute the view is always the interlocutor.
* Questions opponent does not answer another question.

* Do not make final conclusions of the interlocutor.
* Be sincere in conversation, do not overplay.

* During a serious conversation is not necessary to insert inappropriate jokes, remarks, jokes.
* It is not necessary during the conversation often look at the clock.

* No need to rush to express their opinions, even if your partner did not finish.
* Know how to manage their emotions during a conversation.

* Learn how to listen to any information, even that which you are not interested.
* Personal attitude towards the other party shall not affect the perception of information.

* Ending the conversation and leaving the interlocutors, try to keep everyone in a good mood to everyone happy you spent the time and would like to meet with you again.

If you follow these tips at your erudition, breadth of interests and outlook, erudition - you in the community will be considered interesting to talk to and be willing to communicate with you.


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