How to find insecure person?

Communicating with the interlocutor, it is useful to find out how he's confident: their appearance, behavior, of self-worth. Why? Read and find out!


Of course, self-doubt – not the best quality in man. But if you are faced with such a companion, you have a chance to persuade him to their side and guaranteed to make him your ally in any case. For this to start is to find out whether a person is insecure. Of course, ask the question: "how confident are you in yourself?" is not: the source at best silent, at worst you will be offended and will not be with you to communicate further. Try to figure out this, look a little closer at his behavior.

Signs of an insecure person

Often silent, even when you disagree with someone, doesn't object out loud. It's hard to defend their point of view. For example: you know that friend loves flowers, but when talking about them and somebody says that, say, a bouquet is a "corpse flower", it is silent. Or nods, as if agrees.

Can't speak about their feelings. Often his speech is replete with verbs: "go", "out", "go", but there are few adjectives, which help us to Express our feelings. This is because people are not accustomed to understand their own emotions. May not even be aware of them. Insecure people find it easier to talk about events than about their relationship to him.

Hard comes in contact with strangers. For him a real torture to start a conversation with a stranger, and especially to maintain it. Perhaps, however, he ugovarivaya certain principles, for example, a woman may declare that she fundamentally does not meets on the street. The truth, however, is that she is afraid that they will make the wrong impression.

Is focused on others and not on yourself. Such a person often does what is expected of him in order to gain the approval of others. Sometimes this happens even to the detriment of himself. For example, insecure cousin without words will agree to help you with the housework, even if on that day she scheduled a trip to the dentist.

It is difficult to make a decision. People, insecure, often shift the responsibility for your life on others, this also applies to their decisions. If a person asks you what he should do, and mindlessly follows your advice, he is unsure of himself.

Compares himself with others. If a person is discussing you in the third, often says something like: "Yes, she looks good. But I...", "Katie managed to make a career. It's just I can't...", "compared to me, he lives well" is a sign that your partner got accustomed to rely on others. And to compare yourself to them.

Appearance: a hunched back, hunched shoulders, poor or uptight body language, speaking too quickly. All of these symptoms can indicate an insecure personality.

Why do you ask?

If your partner is insecure, you can learn from communicating with him a lot of benefits. Maybe manipulation is not very good, but in the case when you need to persuade the person to their side, it can be very useful.

Tell him a compliment – sincerely, heartily. Surely there is something cute – something you like. Approval from your side will make it your ally.

Show that you and he are soul mates. An insecure individual often suffers from loneliness – not external, but internal. If he realizes that you share his views and values, it will be favorable to you.

Refer to the authority. If he breathlessly tells you about a certain person, you can drop this phrase: "incidentally, it also uses the services of this fitness trainer". If you want your interlocutor appealed to this fitness coach, this simple phrase you achieve the desired.

Note: of course, insecure people are easy to manipulate, but before you try to persuade him to their side, think about the consequences. Can it happen that all the responsibility for their actions, he eventually dump it for you? published


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