The garden — four seasons

Higher skill in landscape design is the creation of a garden of continuous flowering in spring pleases the eye all kinds of bulbs, which fades into lush blooms of roses, hydrangeas, spirea. Completes the ensemble of autumn leaves of maple and Echinacea. Support this picture coniferous trees, being the main decoration of the garden in winter.

If you can also highlight your favorite season, we propose to consider the creation of a garden, or at least the area on one of the seasons.

So, let us consider in more detail how you can display a favorite time of year in the garden.

Garden "Spring mood" If you admire more in the spring, in the first place, pay attention bulbous. Don't limit your garden only tulips and daffodils. Modern selection offers a wider range of chionodoxa, crocuses, prizemleniya, grouse, hyacinths...

Pay special attention to the colors. For me spring to characterize white, green, pale pink, pale yellow.

Because only the nature wakes up and gains strength from very bright colors or I would have abstained. For additional decor you can choose colorful pots for the decoration of verandas, terraces.

Peak this time of year is, of course, the blooming of fruit trees: Apple, pear, cherry... and that, why not create your Chekhov's the cherry orchard on the site?

Here is our summer,
The trees dressed... the peak of prosperity of all trees and shrubs. Begins the season of vacations, barbecues and evening get-togethers. The garden is created by us for spirit and soul, but working schedule 5/2, after a week of working we are trying to beat a personal record: all weed, paraglide and processing from pests of the garden and completely forget to relax.

Therefore, do not pursue possession of all plants; select the most undemanding plants: spirea, daisies, physocarpus, hosts...

Colors vivid: red, yellow, orange...

For those who like brighter, you can use sculpture. The style should match the style of the garden.

The summer area is best placed near the water or in a shady area where you can enjoy the beauty of plants and to escape from the summer heat on hot days.

Autumn. Wonderful time, eyes charm For me, autumn mood, first of all, pass the mountain ash, hawthorn and maple. The combination of yellow foliage and red berries leads me to a complete delight. An additional beauty of the garden will give the flower beds with grasses.

For decorating areas of the garden you can use regular or decorative mini-pumpkins.

Because the garden colours are very bright and saturated, additional decor I would recommend to give. The maximum leave of pots for the terrace design.

Light day compared to the summer is greatly reduced, but the evenings are still allow to arrange evening gatherings on the street. Therefore, an additional highlight will be the lighting. Great lights for General lighting gardens and walkways, and small — spot illumination of the most striking types of flower arrangements.

When selecting plants, special attention can be given to shrubs with purple color, because in the autumn they show their decorative qualities most vividly. Such plants include, for example, barberry or physocarpus Diablo Dor.

Winter. Frost and sun day is wonderful! The main favorites of this area will certainly be coniferous. They can be combined into groups or select solitaire, the solitary tree on the background lawn. These trees can be fir or Korean fir, which will serve as a Christmas tree, and will become the main decoration of the garden.

Trees that have fruit (viburnum, mountain ash), also grace the garden, will also be an additional lure birds.

An interesting combination is the white-trunked birch, which grows dogwood with red branches.

Do not forget about lighting. You can not limit yourself to only outdoor lights and add led strip lights... they look particularly impressive on the background of snow. The garden will take a unique fairytale appearance.

The creation of the garden – it works, so connect your imagination and go for it. Add the items that you associate with your favorite time of the year. Bring its own flavor that becomes a distinctive feature of your garden.published


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