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One of the oldest and most prestigious General scientific journals decided to retreat from the strict academic canons of journalism and was attended by the most lovely creatures. Arachnophobes note: according to the newspaper, "cute" can be called even spiders.

10. Ordinary tamarins
Forty two million eight hundred twenty one thousand two hundred sixty eight

On the pages of New Scientist published the results of a curious experiment, which was attended by tamarins Callithrix jacchus. Scientists have tried to teach these Brazilian monkeys to open the container of treats with the help of video tutorial. To study this effect tamarins had from his kinsman from the Austrian laboratory.
Similarly, the scientists wanted to determine whether ordinary tamarins to learn from the experience of the "outsider" and "hack" the box for Goodies. Tamarins with a task pulled it off.9. Dogs compasses

The dog – man's best friend, and his faithful assistant. New discovery scientists from the Czech Republic and Germany once again confirmed this statement. The researchers found that the dogs the emptying of the bladder are guided by the Earth's magnetic field. So if you get lost in the woods with your four-legged friend, then you just need to follow the orientation of his body in the process of relief, and you will likely be able to determine the cardinal directions.
For this discovery, scientists were awarded the IG Nobel prize, 2014.

8. Octopus Dumbo

Eight million eighty five thousand six hundred thirty five

In eighth place is the octopus are remarkably similar to the Dumbo the elephant hero of disney cartoons. This unusual species of octopus was found at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in April of this year during a NOAA expedition, which took place aboard the submarine "Okeanos Explorer".
Octopussy from "Dumbo", there are two small shoots at eye level, which are somewhat similar lugs. This gives it a certain resemblance to a cartoon character.

7. Dancing Indian лягушки

Last year, India discovered 14 new species of frogs. But the attention of scientists, and the international community, was addressed to the males one of them.
To conquer the hearts of millions the wah managed because of its dance, executed to attract the attention of females. During this process, the males of the newfound rhythmic jerking of the legs that is a pretty funny show.

6. Lizard-adventurer

If your ship has stowaways, it is likely that lizards anoles. Scientists have discovered that Caribbean anoles have learned to move from one island to another on ships.
The researchers note that thanks to technology and the economy have changed millennial trends in the evolution of these creatures.

5. A herd of Harvard kilomoto
Forty two million one hundred thirty two thousand seven hundred thirty seven

Not animals, but "cute". On the fifth line of the rating of Nature are mini-robots that are able to form complex shapes according to the principles of swarm intelligence of bees and ants.
These robots, called kilobite, was developed at Harvard University. Notable detail is that they are able to move on command to the specified point and take into account the current position of the other robots. Also they can communicate with each other using special signals.

4. Scovie

If anyone knows a lot about styling your hair, then this is definitely the monkey of the family Sakovich. Last year in South America was discovered 5 new species of these animals. And they are all as on selection – the nature of the cute and interesting hairstyles and moustaches.

3. Spiders-Sokoniki
Thirty six million one hundred sixty four thousand three hundred fifty three

Eyes, or rather, eyes in this charming spider was captured by photographer Noah Framm-Schwartz. The spider Skamania was so interesting and fascinating that I couldn't remain without any awards and took third place in the competition Nikon.

2. Fluffy робопингвин

Stopped in one step from the first robot disguised as a baby penguin. You may ask why scientists designed robingson? It's simple. The fact that Emperor penguins are by nature very shy animals. When researchers try to approach them in their natural habitat, these Royal birds begin to back away or run away, and their pulse is growing significantly. To solve this problem the scientists were able with the help of a furry robotic penguin.
An international team of researchers has specially built a robot that he wouldn't scare the Emperor penguins. With it, biologists can study these animals without causing them at the same time harm.

1. Koalas hugging trees
Three million four hundred sixty four thousand eighty three

About over-the-top "of minimisethe" Koala legends. It's not like people who are always sleepy these cute animals. A recent study by biologists has shown that koalas don't just sleep in the arms of trees. These herbivorous marsupials pressed against the cool branches, so as not to experience discomfort during the hottest time of day. Install this was brought about by observations in the infrared camera.published 


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