How can we inspire employees

1. Greet with employees when they pass, and call them by name (learn names, if you have not done so until now).
2. Write "Thank you", "Good" or something similar on a piece of paper and leave a note on his desk.
3. Reward employees more than a day off or half days, allowing to leave early.
4. In the hallway, lobby or dining room hang charts with the results of the company for each product, project, and weekly or monthly update data, you can see the dynamics.
5. Find someone who knows how to juggle, and ask him to teach all employees. After a busy call or perform a difficult task juggling balls helps to relieve tension.
6. Bring once a week or once a month for all employees something delicious cake, bagels, pizza, apples, candy, nuts or popcorn.
7. Above each machine in the production of hang tag with his name and position of the worker. People like to see their names and feel their indispensability.
8. Make sure that you have the opportunity to listen to workers, not only to inform them.
9. Develop an award specifically for those employees whose activities do not normally notice.
10. Once a week or a month to arrange meetings with several employees, which usually do not have a chance to talk. Answer their questions to ask about problems.
11. Tell all employees about some fairly important issues and ask them to suggest solutions.


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