Fairy Google office in Moscow (49 pics + text)

Yesterday in Moscow, opened a new office of Google. In developing his concept of taking all comers. The idea was to create a Google office with a Russian soul. As a result, the choice fell on Russian folk tales and favorite childhood cartoons and films. The entire office, including meeting rooms, decorated in the style of famous works. For example, you can sit on a replica of "12 chairs" in the negotiation of the same name, or to twist the steering wheel in the "Vrungel." Amateur ornithologists can count the birds in "38 parrots", and if you wanted to relax, you can go for a massage in one of the two specially equipped rooms.



In the lobby there is a table tennis table, on the wall of the screen is visible, it can play video deck.


Cotton candy

In the office, a very strong smell of Rus, Dahe entrance to the meeting room decorated with carved frames.


Employees can play at any time, working day is not normalized.

After a game of table football can take the cotton candy and go to work.

And you can go on the horizontal bar.

All meeting theme.

12 chairs.

A small meeting room "Dragon»

"38 parrots", they are really 38.

One, however, has departed.

Recreation areas for the staff here very well come to a head with new ideas.

Boardroom "Frog Princess»

The most favorite area for employees - Lukomorye. Here you can sit under the green oak tree with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Here in the forest there is a small library with a soft and cozy sofas and shelves of books on various subjects.

Cafe staff.

The office is open around the clock, all the food for free. In the fridge there's even a beer. Alcohol bans not, you can just sit in the morning and booze at the bar, but no one does.

Guitar for the mood.

But such books are read by the staff at the library.

There is even a valid machine with soda.

There were, of course, and without Monument Solovetsky Antiquities - huts on chicken legs, which like to gather to discuss the project engineers Google.

And here is the chicken feet.

Dining Samobranka. For employees provided free breakfasts and lunches. Every Friday, all Google employees gathered in Samobranka to share with each other news or discuss the most vivid and important events of the week.



"In our first day in the new office work it was not possible - all considered peregovorki with fairy tales were all the sofas turns (especially, of course, on the sofa-translator of NIICHAVO) evaluated shower" Moidodyr "and tried to try all the dishes in the new dining room. Someone said: "I always thought that in Moscow it is impossible to make the same cool office, both in America and in Zurich, and now look - it turned out even better!" - Anna Kondratyev, software developer

Bake pancakes for breakfast.

On the left the entrance to the area where engineers sit. You can not shoot there, some secrets!

Now the Moscow office employs about 100 employees.

I liked the attitude of the staff. During heat waves and smog in Moscow, the company pays for everyone from families and a hotel near the office to make it easier to go to work. Also, employees can fly on time to work in any of the Google offices around the world! All employees have health insurance, it affects not only the employee, but also to members of his family, such as his wife gave birth to some of the staff free of insurance. For the past year, all new employees received Nexus One. This year, the gifts will be even better, but it's a surprise.

Each employee prepares his own workplace.

Cabinet of the head.

Yet each employee can choose for themselves the technique at which he wants to work. Someone working on a laptop, someone needs 2 or 3 monitors.

There is a room with a massage chair. Here, too, you can work. In general, Google is very loyatnoe in relation to working time. No matter where and how you work, what you do in the workplace, you can come at any time, you can leave the house to work, play and sit in cafes all day though. The main index - is the work done rather than the amount of time the employee spent in the office, it was so new ideas and projects Google.

For employees has a massage room, a massage therapist working in the office.


Showers for employees.

Of the 100 people who send resumes, job taking only one.

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