The Soviet Union through the eyes of National Geographic (20 photos)

A fascinating journey into the history of 70-80 years, gave us Dean Conger, who worked in the National Geographic.
He came to the Soviet Union for more than thirty times to photograph the lives of ordinary people, trying to convey with the identity of the Soviet people.

"On the deck of the ship one of the guides teach the girl twist»

"The passenger train Moscow - Vladivostok while away the time playing cards. The train goes 7.5 days »

"The two good-natured military whiled away the long hours of the author in a train»

"Kindergarten in Murmansk. Lack of vitamin D in the winter compensated irradiation quartz lamp. Children in the Soviet Union - a privileged class "- says Dean.

Fisherman Thank Basov puts the network, while his son, 10-year Tolia, steers the boat using homemade oars.

Faith beans, together with the daughter and granddaughter, escorted his son Vanya in a distant and dangerous journey. Her eldest son is also a hunter, drowned when his truck fell through the ice.

Khanty-Mansiysk ... On the street -40, and the boys all at all!

The kitchen (which is located on a barge) for fishermen preparing delicious ear. The girl who picks his nose - just lovely!

Robert Rozhdestvensky in his apartment.

Grandmother with her grandson.

Buy bagels, hot bagels!


Students studying English at Sokolniki recreation park.

The sculptor Matthew Manizer.

(in the 80s no longer have these amazing fixtures)

Note - triangular bags with milk!

Newspaper billboards in the streets.

Soldier of the Kremlin garrison with their families in the Alexander Garden.

Traitor! "- Shouting the retired colonel to one of the demonstrators, who came in 1990 on the Red Square.



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