6 tips on how to increase the time in days

Council № 1. «The early bird gets ...»
Most successful people adhere to the formula "Sooner lie down - get up early", because, as you know, the main holiday during sleep occurs before 24.00. Thus in the morning you will feel more rested, first. And secondly, in the morning, getting up an hour earlier, you will have more time for yourself and those things that you want to perform. In the morning you can make a plan for the day, to be alone with him (well, or to alter a couple of things that will free your time in the afternoon) and go to work without fear of being late. Remember that the first hour after waking sets the tone for the whole day!

Council № 2. What do you do on the way to work?
With sadness in his eyes look out the window of the bus or in the rearview mirror of his car? How much time do you spend on the road? And as far as this process is productive? Think of things to do this time. For example, the wheel is extremely convenient to listen to audio books, public transport suitable books in their traditional form. Besides, you can always carry important calls or just to collect his thoughts, consider any idea or problem.

Council № 3. Set your priorities.
Talk about the necessity of drawing up the plan, I think, not worth it, it's obvious. However, we must focus on the fact that the list of your cases to be classified at least into two categories: the case of special importance and urgency of the case and minor, is largely irrelevant. So, always start with the performance of its list of tasks of high importance. It is not so, as far as they surround and unpleasant - it depends on their performance of your progress, and therefore it is they spend their time basic. Do not waste your strength wasted on things that can wait.

Council № 4. Do not fall into the network.
The Internet. Post Office. Social networks and forums. We absolutely can not imagine my life without virtual reality, which makes sense for a modern society. However, it is not necessary to subordinate all his free time network (Be honest with yourself and count how many hours in total, you kill the computer, not doing the work). Limit your stay there, check your email in a strictly allotted time for this. Block sites that do not bring any benefit in self-development, but only keep your attention, making it difficult to concentrate on work. You'd be surprised how much time will increase the reserve.

Council № 5. Learn to work effectively.
Attention span, inability to concentrate on something and not be distracted - the cause of inefficiency in work. Working unproductive, you will spend to perform the same task twice as much time. Why force yourself to agonize over the same longer, if you can just concentrate all our efforts and solve the problem quickly, politely explaining to colleagues that you are busy and can not be distracted by the chatter. Break the difficult task into smaller - it will help you not to give in to it.

Council № 6. Use every spare moment for self-development.
Standing in line, turn on audiobook, read the newspaper to keep abreast of the latest news. Preparing a dinner, do some simple physical exercises, such as squats. Every minute or idleness waiting to do something useful.


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