10 interesting facts about the life of animals

10. Why do crocodiles swallow stones

Crocodiles fill their stomachs, not only caught unwary animals and stones. Rather, it is because the usual diet of crocodile includes turtles, fish, birds, giraffes, buffaloes and even lions, crocodiles are needed in the stomach stones to grind all this food in the stomach. In addition, stones are ballast diving.

9. Whale milk fatter human 10 times

And as mother whales manage to bring up the child of a length of about 10 meters? It really is not easy: the mother cuts the special muscle throws the milk in your mouth young, who like the human newborn from birth is able to hold on to the nipple (whales they are!). A whale milk affects its nutritional value, since the day kitenysh gaining up to 90 kilograms!

8. How did the birds can still navigate in flight?

It seems that many wondered how birds manage without maps to fly thousands of kilometers and accurately enter the designated point. It turns out that birds use for orientation "embedded" Mother Nature ferromagnets, by which they are guided by the magnetic fields of the planet. Besides pigeons, for example, are able to remember especially conspicuous in the land, on which are guided.

7. In winter, for the Beavers in the day - 29 hours

When winter comes, beavers become real "homebody," because they do not go out of their dark holes, built of mud and wood. During the warmer months, these nocturnal animals come out from their homes to the sunset, and come with the dawn. However, in the dark winter burrows of beavers strays daily regime, and for them in the day "placed" 29 hours.

6. Moles are not blind

Recent studies have disproved the common opinion that the moles are blind, because they live underground. In fact, in moles rather sharp, albeit limited, vision. A mole seen the light, a sign of danger, because the penetration of light for it means nothing else than the fact that the hole penetrated predator.

5. Altruism in nature

Many people think that in the wild is no place for altruism among animals, as in a natural selection of strongest survives. However, scientists cite many examples proving the contrary. For example, recently I was able to prove that the chicks are many species of birds emit special sounds, notifying their relatives that found food. The photo - meerkats, the most altruistic comrades.

4. The fish can change sex

Many species are able to change the floor, depending on the hormonal cycle, and even the environment. And some members have organs of both sexes at the same time. In the photo - the clown fish, which for mozhetpobyvat life and the role of male and female in the role.

3. Unique circulatory system giraffe

Since the brain giraffe towers over his body at a height of 5 meters, Postal problem of blood supply of the brain. It turns out that the blood supply to such a height, the giraffe has a heart, twice as much as, for example, in cows; the specific structure of the veins prevent a sharp rush of blood when lowering head down. And so the blood does not stagnate in the legs, the giraffe skin on legs unusually tight. Here nature tried! ..

2. Elephants have an excellent memory

Brain elephants - the largest among mammals, it weighs about 5 kilograms. Although the measure of intelligence in animals is very difficult (it's hard to do, and people), but the ratio of brain mass and body close to that of the chimpanzee, which indicates the higher mental faculties. At least, recent studies prove excellent memory of these giants.

1. Parrots not only imitate sounds

There is a view that the "talking" parrot plays just heard a sound set. However, thirty years studying this ability of our feathered friends shows the opposite. It turns out that parrots can solve simple linguistic tasks at the level of 4-6 year olds, and even learned to combine words in new units.


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