Oskar Hartmann. What I learned about people, conducted 1000 interviews

For the CEO or founder of HR — it's not a side feature, and the. After more than a thousand interviews and trudoustroeno a total of several thousand people, I came to the conclusion that proper selection of employees in the success of business plays a lesser role than attracting investment.

Always tell young founders: select the decision that meets your values. I, for one, believe that the main thing in man is the drive. Never spend a lot of time studying summary — a short conversation is enough to understand whether a person has a fire inside, to assess the level of motivation.

Some companies give employees the maximum freedom, while others strictly monitor the amount of time they spend in the office. There are businesses that recruit young, others rely on competence. The secret of success not in which models to use, and that they are 100% consistent with your philosophy.

I am convinced that the search for employees using personal contacts is the most effective.

First I had to find people to join the team in 2008, when we created the project KupiVIP — to begin, it was necessary to rapidly find 12 people.

In 2008, only recently returned to Russia from Germany, I didn't know anyone here who could quickly take on the job. However, there were people who I trusted and they helped find the first staff. To manage IT I took a young man from Novosibirsk. Without any competition — just I immediately liked it.

For such an important position, as procurement Director, I needed someone I could trust and have a strong influence on him. I called the Germany of his elder brother and asked him to lead in this direction. Since then, people in key positions I am always looking for side. Perhaps this is my guiding principle.

If I need someone, I identify ten people who potentially know the appropriate specialist. Sometimes you have to use the second or third circles of acquaintances. For advice I always appeal not in writing and by telephone.

So I hired 90% of the people in key positions in the business. Only 10% of the top staff helped me to find a recruitment Agency.

On average, 30% of recruited people in the future will become the ballast for the business.

I always decide quickly, I'll take them up or not. In addition, I always quickly ran the projects and filled the need for business positions because I was in a hurry to implement good ideas. In a hurry mistakes are inevitable.

In all the projects I had to part with 30-40% of the employees from the first set. However, at least 50% of the people with whom we started, for example, KupiVIP, are working with me so far. I do not believe that the quota is success in hiring may be above this limit, don't think it's possible to create a system that will allow you to recruit employees with a perfect hit.

Try to increase the percentage of hitting is impractical. Yes, you will reduce risks but will take longer to make decisions and almost certainly will hire more expensive employees, which in the end will still not do exactly what you need.

It is important to give a chance to young, often inexperienced but well-motivated employees make the business successful.

In KupiVIP average age of employees is still less than 30 years, though he has grown in comparison with 2008.

My partners have always tended to the more experienced employees, I — younger. I know that inexperienced staff make more mistakes. It is clear that they often have some things to learn from scratch. When hiring young, you are paying more for potential than for actual skills and knowledge. And for motivation. For experienced people it is much more common than in the young, is below the critical level.

Sometimes the experience is generally harmful. Our project CarPrice took place largely thanks to the new ideas of the employees who worked on the used machinery market, not shot. People who all his life dealt in used cars from Germany, it is difficult to adapt to the changing market. Today it is favorable to carry used cars from Russia to Europe, not Vice versa. Need completely new approaches.

A young and ambitious team and I gathered in the company Aktivo: General Director Vladimir Lupenko now 31, the operating Director Arthur Ustimova — 25, marketing Director Daniel Popov — 24.


With the slackers leave without regret.


Much harder to fire than to hire. Especially if you have to part with those whom you yourself brought into the business. In my life I was fired for mistakes. The most common reason was not a wrong action, and inaction.

I'm not interested in explanations, even if they sound quite logical. If I don't like something, I ask the person to open the computer and look how many messages he sent, how many calls made, how many meetings noted in the calendar.

I'm not saying that everyone should be as fast as I am. But there are people that are 100 times less effective, so I parted without regret.

The second largest reason for the dismissal — mismatch values. Even if a person benefits a different Outlook — it's very hard. At least for me. And yet for this reason I am much less likely to split with the staff than out of idleness.

Those are the rules. You can of course follow others. No matter whether they will or not. It is important that you believed in them.published


Author: Oscar Hartmann


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