15 summary, after which understand how to actually have to work

You can spend a lot of time to make a cool impression on a potential employer, but did not get an interview. And it's not for lack of experience or education — just your resume is not hooked.

The website presents a selection of ideas from those who really needed the work. Read and take on Board.


Designer Charlotte Olsen wrote his resume on the wrapper of the chocolate. Inside each package was a "Golden ticket" — discount of 10% for its services.

Fresh donuts

"Most of the summary falls into the basket. My — you in the stomach," wrote Lucas Silt on the box of donuts, dressed in the courier and delivered the dessert to the offices of the companies in which he would like to work.

A useful summary

Summary designer and photographer Omondi Obudho, printed on cardboard, can be cut along the contour and construct from it the useful box.

Fortune cookies

A few days, a couple of bottles of wine and a portion of student loan costs, which had to go to the author of this "sweet" summary.

3D summary

This miniature bust, made using 3D printing, Floyd Hayes gives potential employers. The inscription on the sculpture speaks for itself.

Computer game

The developer, Robby Leonardi has done his CV in the form of the game: passing different levels, the HR Manager receives information about careers and skills Robbie.

Message in a bottle

The author of this masterpiece was very interested in the vacancy of the art Director in the largest network advertising Agency "DDB".

Crispy chips

Yves Bonerate really wanted to get the post of sales Manager in the company "Tyrrell's", which produces chips. To draw attention to his candidacy, he decided in this way.

Multifunctional first aid kit

Graphic designer built the first-aid kit, where in addition to drugs has all the necessary information about the services that it provides.


The idea to make a summary in the form of a cereal box came to Victor Rodriguez during Breakfast.

Practical fashionista

How can you argue with the fact that she is extremely resourceful and eager to work?

Summary of garlands

Liz Hickok decided not to keep secret the desire, the hidden for Christmas. After she decorated his house with garlands such an unusual way, Liz received several invitations to interview.

Hot hamburger

Graduates of the business school Benjamin Martin wants to work in a famous French restaurant "Big Ferdinand". The school is renowned for its hamburgers, which determined the choice of ideas for the summary.

Cold beer

A designer and brewer of buff Brennan Gleason brews good beer, package it in a box with the inscription "Resum-ale" and a story about their talents, and then send to potential customers.

Cover girl

Summary as the cover of an imaginary magazine created Ksenia Goryacheva. The girl portrayed both sides — professional and personal, professing himself not only as master designer, but also as an extraordinary person.

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