Russia. Security officials not to let abroad. To WERE angrier.

< Well, the NEP was over, it's time to move to the 37th.

According to media reports, police officers, employees of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense banned travel to 150-200 zarubezhnyhstran, including Russians loved Turkey and Egypt. According to some data, leaving limited to all, on the other - only for employees who have access to the documents marked "confidential". In the black list includes the United States, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Cuba and many others. In the Russian Security Council said that the question of the right to travel abroad employees of law enforcement agencies worked out, but so far no decision to change it is not accepted. According to "Interfax", the ban applies only to those police officers who have a high degree of access to state and official secrets. Check on official business in such cases will be agreed with the management. Some time ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned citizens against travel to countries that have an agreement on mutual extradition to the United States. Americans, they say, are hunting for the Russians.
News of the restrictions on travel abroad - one of the stages bans. First the restrictions were representatives of special services and defense industry. In the confusion of the 90s and early two thousandth they freely traveled abroad - just went to the Visa Office, received the passport and travel. I do not know how many recruitments and whether they were, but such a wrestler for a while there. Approximately 2006-2008 m-restored practice 5-year moratorium on the road after the dismissal. Then a separate law forbade security officers and sekretonositelyam own property abroad. Was given a period of about a year, then to get rid of it. Then there were even some legal conflicts in the former Soviet Union. At the same time was a ban on foreign accounts and assets. And now spreading the rumor that is preparing to introduce a bill that equates to a defense, and intelligence agencies sekretonositeley in other security agencies: the police, GUIN, Federal Drug Control Service.
What is sekretonositel? Formally, the army and the police they are 60-80% of employees. Because any undercover case, any investigation file, any search is classified as "secret" or "top secret." That is the de jure most of the employees of law enforcement agencies are sekretonositelyami and accordingly restriction may hurt for him to hit. Meanwhile, they do not have any state secrets, they own only departmental secrets, the disclosure of which certainly can harm the agency, but is not a blow to the defense and security of the country. Because it was abroad utechёt information about what operatives hiding under any aliases, the country will not prejudice, except that some police departments.
So we must understand that we will talk about the hundreds of thousands of employees who now travel abroad quite calmly, visit cheap countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria and with pleasure rest there. Not to mention the more affluent and open to the public of corrupt officials who have overseas yachts, villas, assets that were taken there for their families. In the senior and middle level a lot of people who do not see themselves in Russia and here only "dosluzhivayut" to go on corruption earned retirement and spend the rest of life abroad. But compared with the total number of employees of law enforcement agencies are very few.
Travel ban is everywhere, in all countries of the world. But in the West, there are block community, such as NATO or the EU. Due to this practice, the list of countries where travel is prohibited or restricted, it is very small, it is several dozen countries. Basically we are talking about countries with rigid regimes counterintelligence, where they can vandalize, or just go to the police, armed conflicts, such as Syria or Iran. But all the rest of the people can safely go, write a report and get permission of the authorities. US intelligence officer can easily visit France, Germany, Great Britain. Most of the world for him remains open.
We have also a new restriction will be a real "iron curtain" for a limited contingent of Russians. Russia with the majority of countries still consider themselves enemies, and as a result of unwise behavior of Moscow in the international arena is partly true and we are bad even the nearest neighbors. So technically, legally, the president and the government have the right: once for you, friends, foreign intelligence works, just have a confrontation, then stay at home, rest in Crimea.
Policy after double-edged sword: we want to be by themselves and did not think so, but then we have to restore the "iron curtain to obstruct any subversive activities. This is the objective logic of the struggle.

Gennady Gudkov
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