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selection of photos of our smaller brothers ... These amazing stories - excerpts from the book Lisa Rogak "One big happy family," in which she described the 50 cases where between different species of animals arose a strong friendship. Duckling Dennis found labrador named Fred and his master. Dennis lost his mother was covered in dirt and generally looked very important. Fred immediately began to lick it, took under his protection, and now these two are virtually inseparable.

When did this goat, from her mother refused, and the hostess had to feed her from the nipples. But, to everyone's surprise, the paternal feelings awakened in the owner's boxer, who began to lick the newborn and even took her under his wing and zaschitu.Seychas these two - do not spill water, even sleeping in an embrace.

Spaniel named Jesse fathered several orphaned kids. And he actually feeding them from a bottle, it is not staged fotografiya.Hozyain Jesse says that deliberately taught him to keep the bottle to pass on to him of the responsibility for feeding babies. And Spaniel copes.

This owl for many years failed to make offspring and she absolutely sad. Once one of the staff of the Centre for the breeding of birds planted her goose yaytso.V such a situation, most birds would have ignored or broken someone else's egg. But then it turned out differently: the egg was taken as a native and hatched baby then developed warmest kinship.

When owlet enrolled in a breeding center for birds of prey, he was just four weeks old. Once, due to an oversight personnel owlet met face to face with a German Kurzhaar Kjer owned founder of the Center for Karen Andriunas.Ohotnichya dog and a bird of prey - such a meeting did not seem to promise anything good. However, to everyone's amazement, the owlet and the dog fell in love at first sight.

Fawn, abandoned his mother, brought to the Centre Wildlife quite small and dying. Very warm welcome to the kid had dog named Rocky, owned by the son of one of the employees Tsentra.Rokki began to take care of fawn, as his own cubs. Fawn recovered and the two became best friends.

After the mother Lama refused to feed her newborn cub, baby put into foster care a dog named Rosie, who recently gave birth to their pups. Rosie was extremely caring mother and their children, and to foster Lama.

Pig found abandoned and dying mother about an hour after birth. Owners began to nurse the baby. For the case on its own initiative to connect and boxer named Susie, taking pig under his opeku.Kogda pig grew, the relationship only became stronger - friends all day run and play together.

Many chimpanzees behave indifferent or even aggressive towards smaller zhivotnym.Anna - is another matter. She lives in a small zoo and brings several puppies, which refers to the surprise tenderly and gently.

This story takes place in the Australian state of Victoria. Poynter Rex was walking with his master and came across a dead female kenguru.Hozyain has withdrawn the dog home, but soon Rex escaped and returned to the place of death of the animal. It turned out that the bag sits in a dead female cub. Rex took him gently and carried to the people. Dog and kangaroo became friends do not spill water - as long as kengurёnok not grown and had to let go of the reserve.

In one of the small zoos in Latin America there were some monkeys, marmosets. They do not get along very well with each other, and the youngest of them weak and it was decided that otselit.Potom marmosets met chihuahua named Sam and recognized him with its "mother". Almost all day dog ​​drove the monkey on his back. When marmosets little grown up, Sam was too heavy to carry her and this responsibility has taken the other dog - golden retriever



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