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On January 27, 2012. Dagestan Kizlyar district. The commander of the 23th Special Forces Russian Interior Ministry troops received intelligence information that in one of the groves hiding a gang of armed militants. In their quest sent a group of commandos, among them Sergeant Eugene Epov. It - lateral watch commander.
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Group combs copse, but finds nothing. Bandits thoroughly camouflaged. The commander of the group decides to re-combing and more dense. One of his subordinates Epova finds hatch caches and lifts it. From the hatch suddenly flying grenades and gunfire are heard. Discovered gangsters escape from the norm and are grouped together in one place for shelter. On their part does not stop a furious fire.
Tubes of subordinate orders to disperse. The commandos kept shooting bandits in the dense ring. Realizing the hopelessness of their situation, the terrorists are going to break through. With their hand grenades flying dozens. Two commando killed, three others get serious shrapnel wounds. Fire from them weakens. Bandits are trying to take advantage of this: they want to break out through the position of the injured commandos, crush them, and at the same time - to use their arms. Sergeant Epov dagger fire fighters has, without giving them the opportunity to be close to the wounded comrades.
At this point, from the erupting grenade flies and falls next to the wounded commandos who could not escape from the explosion. Sergeant Epov shouted "grenade!" And covered her with his body. The next moment there was an explosion ...
Came to the rescue to help special forces completely destroyed the gang. Only after the fight it became clear that Sergeant Eugene Epov cost of their lives has provided to combat the problem and saved from death of comrades ...

A couple of years ago Eugene Epov contract was to serve in Chelyabinsk, in the 23rd special squad. One of the first he got the maroon beret. Zhenya even shown on Channel One in the story about the Army.
 - He was the main merry with us, - says deputy political commissar detachment Semyon V. Sharapov. - When traveling to Dagestan participated in KVN games between fighters: no humor in hot spots is very difficult. And when he remained in Chelyabinsk, the family took custody of their comrades who were on business trips. To visit their parents, helped around the house, if required.
With the homeland of the Trans-Eugene went for his bride. She got a job as a teacher in the school. Married, they received official accommodation. Eugene loved his wife and protected from prying eyes, even friends almost did not show. Itself parallel to obtain higher education in a technical college. Plans to life was the sea ...
 - We are always on the road priest blesses - say his friends. - Zhenya, like all of us, was a believer. In war, because atheists do not. And he knew well the words of Christ from the Gospel that there is no greater love than his life for his friends put it. A person who has committed such a feat, God gives eternal life ...
Four people and one death date - January 27. The plane with the bodies of fallen soldiers landed in Chelyabinsk at 8pm. Despite the bitter cold, the thermometer dropped less thirty soldiers came to meet several hundred people: comrades, relatives, friends. Before that, the ship made a landing in Orenburg, where the body is handed over to relatives Eugenia Sadchikova. The video from November 2011 you can see how he holds the banner of the detachment. Poryadin Alexander, commander of the Ural regional command of the Interior Ministry, said: "One of our soldiers covered the grenade with his chest and died. Two soldiers were fatally wounded and died on the spot. One subsequently died after being injured in a helicopter ».
After parting body Eugene Epova straightened in the Chita region, and two South Urals - Denis Kozlov and Yevgeny Malov - Escort was taken to his native village in the Lake District and Bredinsky in Castle.
Presidential Decree Sergeant Eugene Epov posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia.

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