The most talented people in my life - troechniki!

Example 1:
Founder Paul Galvin of Motorola did not like to study. While his classmates sat on boring lessons at the station he was selling popcorn, ice cream and sandwiches. The desire to earn money did not give him the opportunity to sit idly by. He has undergone a lot of failures. However, bad luck only tempered businessman, he loved to repeat: "I fell many times and I know how to riseĀ».

Example 2:
Tea magnate Thomas Lipton attended school only occasionally. With 5 years he worked in his father's trade shop. However, the prospect of becoming a small shopkeeper did not suit him, at age fifteen, he left Scotland and went to the States, where according to him learned how to do business. Now Lipton - the most popular tea in many countries.

Example 3:
One of the most successful developers of cars in Japan Soichiro Honda finished only 8 classes. He absolutely did not understand aspects of business and trade, had no idea about the management and economic strategy, and still was far from the intricacies of engineering. But his approach to building bikes and cars became a revolutionary.

School teachers like to repeat: Excellent "go away." However, life dictates that words do not always come true teachers. As it turned out, 12, 2% unemployed - those who have studied in school mainly in five.
It should be noted that not all employers are interested in applicants with "honors". In HR, there is an opinion that the specific standouts feeble practical skills in the pursuit of fives they sometimes miss important aspects. In the midst of many honors those who make a business as something indecent. According to the survey, only 14% of the standouts are involved in the business, and it's common for people to change their priorities after the end of secondary education.

Class "horoshist" occupies leading positions in all 3 categories: 58% - among top managers, 52% - in the midst of business and 56% - among the unemployed.

The most talented - troechniki.
Troechnikov among the highest percentage of outside the box thinking, creative people. Psychologists believe that such individuals boring normal set of school subjects. Often they are "revealed" after school or in any extracurricular circle. According to a survey among managers troechnikov as much and honors (23%).


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