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The businessman doesn't have to be smartMy company — an online service of training simulators for the brain "Vitium". Of course, we welcome not only business — the health and development of cognitive brain functions is interesting and useful to all. But I know many business people who use our products, because the brain, like it or not, — the main weapon of the entrepreneur. Studying the brain in people with different types of mental work, I came to several interesting conclusions.



Paradoxically, the mind of the entrepreneur and a "regular" wage of a person is different things. Very smart person will not necessarily make a good businessman. The opposite is true:a brilliant entrepreneur, quite possibly, was a C student in school and not flogs in biology.

Why? Very simple. In the popular view, a smart man is one who knows a lot. However, the mind of the entrepreneur is not so much his knowledge, as the ability to get the information you need to find its application in the real world of business. As you have a computer with a small hard drive, but very fast RAM. The brain of such a person works specific. The most important quality of an entrepreneur — the ability to think outside the box. To make your business interesting and profitable, will have to do something new. And do you need to think long-term, to imagine how business will develop further, that is the thinking of the entrepreneur should be ambitious.

Another quality of the individual, which may not be included in the classic definition of the word "mind", but nevertheless plays a vital role in the life of a businessman — determination. Every day people come up with all sorts of things, each considers itself (sometimes rightly so) a brilliant strategist, a marketer and a potential leader, here only did not dare to take responsibility and risks. Please note that a large baggage of accumulated knowledge, the detailed risk analysis, a comprehensive study of similar cases quality, of course, inherent intelligent man, — in the case of entrepreneurship can play against human. On balance, it will just choose a more peaceful and predictable way of the employee.

Can not do without high stress. In business it sometimes seems that the whole world is against you, and I want to hide in a corner. Who would have calculated how many cups of coffee I drink and smoke cigarettes the business in a difficult, nervous work day! But we cannot stop: their own business is to work under pressure 24/7.

Here is another quality — high efficiency. Business is a constant challenge and daily routine. The highest concentration on your business. There will always be plenty of things that distract from the main. The entrepreneur needs to decide on priorities and to clearly adhere to the policy.Performance is the most important quality of the mind. Where lazy brain, begins to be lazy and body. But the brain of an entrepreneur is always in motion, always in the — assesses the risks, monitors trends, controls the process.

To put it bluntly, stupid people are rarely successful in business, of course, if they do not possess administrative or related resources. Not to be smart, a good businessman simply can not — so much information it needs to keep in mind, this responsibility to take on and so masterfully to communicate with people. Another thing is that his mind is specific, applied, sometimes far from academic understanding of intelligence.

Take, school. All the best students can become entrepreneurs? All to be able in adulthood to channel your knowledge into practice? You obviously don't. In the eternal confrontation of straight-a students and C students is not always possible to predict which side will prevail. I will say in my personal experience: I was an excellent student in school and a C student in College, so I have been in both camps. And, frankly, experience troechnikov appeared to me as an entrepreneur is much more useful!

How to become an excellent student? You need to clearly follow instructions, approximately to behave and to think in terms of systems. Excellence is outcomesbased people, aimed at performing tasks. Excellent generally is a great performer, but not an entrepreneur.The Trinity are divided into two types: lazy, which is nothing interesting, active, curious person, whose interest, however, does not always coincide with the school program. They ask questions, investigate and refuse to waste time on something that they are not interested, and leads to problems in learning.

In addition, three in our education system pose at times for the opposition, for a riot, for hooliganism, for depositsto for originality. At school, people often do not know their energy to manage, and the school does not help to find her the right direction, but in the future originality will help a budding entrepreneur.

When I entered the Moscow energy Institute, you quickly realize that learn what they teach me, not interested. So I only went to those lectures, in which he saw the meaning, management, management organizations, etc., while simultaneously studying the lives and examples of businesses that I thought interesting. However, I have put a lot of effort to still not depart from the Institute, and learned to communicate with people and convince them to do my job. So to be a Trinitarian is not so easy!

This approach — to take something that seems important, and abandon what appears to be a waste of time, and made me an entrepreneur. And I'm not alone in this approach — just think of Steve jobs, who dropped out of University after the first semester, but all his life he was self-educated and became a great businessman.

For people who never stop self-development, I launched my business. I believe that the one who is not complacent and who are willing to improve and constantly work on themselves, who takes responsibility for themselves and their actions is more likely both in business and life. And academic achievement and the image of an intelligent man. published

Author: Sergei Belan

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