Long live the fast food

Is it possible to wildlife without aggression and create a hierarchy of the food chain of animals? Yes ceremony - meet the authors clip «What if wild animals ate fast food», that is to say that it would be if the little creatures eat junk food. It is necessary to go to an alternative type of food - and all the conflicts in a pair of "predator-prey" will be exhausted. Since the predator and would no longer be the one, and the victim will be different from its usual appearance is very important and is unlikely to be on Zubkov and paws as seriously change the aggressor.
And in the end, but it really needs it - kill and eat their own kind, when there is such a wonderful grub. Which makes all without exception great, kind and fluffy. So what if the crocodile is more like a huge float, and leopard - the thumbnail of the balloon. But they are fun. And a generation or more and will do good and tame. Threw them a couple of Big Macs, if not completely then poured vegetable - and the end of it.
It would be nice to do the same trailer on marine life, and the world of birds not to overlook. To really everything was full of grace. A world without blood - to the delight of all pacifists and "green". All well-fed, fat, complacent. And stupid to lawlessness.


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