Careful, the penguins!

Remember penguins terrorist "Madagascar"? So, they do exist! And they are preparing a coup. Similar in appearance cute, but terribly treacherous and indescribably dangerous. What can I say, if they Misha white muzzle fastened. So you look at this Sonderkommando - they not only bear rolled. By the way, very worried by the fact that they exhibit a suspicious interest in technology, in particular, to the photography. Based on the slope of these socially dangerous birds, this interest may otlitsya in serious trouble for all of us. And not just people.
Judging by this photo galleries, penguins are definitely making plans to seize power. On a planetary scale. They obviously have their own paramilitary units, which, along with a great schooling, is imposed the strictest discipline and the cult of the chief. They worked perfectly interaction in pairs and threes, to compensate for their small size. In the end, they are simply a lot. When you look at the photo, where all this is going on the terrible weight exercises, covers involuntary horror. I fear for our future. By the way, against the backdrop of scouts pointer Moskow - very direct allusion to the fact of who and what is a priority for this rabid gang. They understand that we must strike soon and sure. The most dangerous enemy. And when they would get to Moscow, and the rest are not big trouble.
People, it is too late, come to your senses. It's time to forget about mutual grievances and unite in the face of unprecedented danger.
Studied the technique

Water preparation

This is ready

First downed helicopter

Course power of martial arts

The sergeant and the young men

To Moscow!

We are really a lot!

Testing of the interaction in the pair.

Capture strategic water supply line




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