Deep goblin

I do not even folklore, although quite rare animal. More specifically, fish. They call it shark-goblin. It is even true to its name. The appearance of it - see for yourself. Raschudesny beak nose, because of which it has shark rhinoceros scoop styled, transparent pink peel, which can be seen through the vials and an amazing set of teeth. By the way, her jaw nominated as the monsters of "Aliens." Not the largest of sharks, but is large enough to add adrenalinchik when a chance encounter. The biggest instance - a little more than three meters and eighty centimeters. The issue is that the meeting with her is highly improbable, since she lives on a fairly vnushitelnoy depths - deeper than two hundred meters. One even raised the 1300 meters. Although the habitat is wide enough for her to know very little today. A lot of them in nature or are dying out - no one knows. Fortunately for him, which has no commercial value. Then we would know about the numbers specifically. What is known for sure - so it is that the liver, like many shark - the envy of an alcoholic - about 25% of the weight of the entire body. And the nose is not quite normal, and electro-. Well, it is also clear - it hunts, deep enough and there is a lighting problem. Here's a funny inhabitant of the deep.


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