Industrious animals (20 photos)

In nature, there are many animals that can give odds to anyone.
They are not forced to work and they do all this with no hands.
With them, you can take an example.

1. One of the most famous and ambitious workers fauna, of course, the ants. Because of their ability to work well-organized groups, so they have successfully mastered the Earth that they account for almost a quarter of all terrestrial animal biomass. They are working very smoothly and in an anthill each performs its role.

2. Each ant hill is home to one queen (or more queens, depending on the species of ants), and many of the workers, which may differ from each other depending on the tasks they perform. Worker ants have different specializations: soldiers, nurses, construction workers, cleaners and foragers.

3. Construction talents beaver knows probably everyone. Beaver himself as an ant, too, is a true symbol of industriousness. Beavers by nature endowed with phenomenal building skills. To build their lodges, dams and dams, they not only hauling firewood, but also specifically felled trees, using powerful teeth like a saw.

4. Beaver dam and the dam can bring harm to the economy as a person, as well as benefit.


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