The most disgusting ingredient of fast food, which You may not have heard

In case you need more reason to abandon the hamburgers, we willingly will provide it. It turns out that some fast food products include something called "pink slime".

Grist writes about pink slime, which is probably the most disgusting fast funim ingredient that you never heard of:

This is the cheapest and least appetizing leftovers beef — pieces of fat from the floor of a slaughterhouse, which, as is well known, abounds with such pathogens as E. coli 0157 and antibiotic resistant Salmonella.

Beef Products, Inc. or BPI drives waste through a series of machines, grinds them into a paste, separates the fat and prevents this substance with ammonia to kill pathogens".

Pink slime is added to 70 percent of ground beef in the United States, which means that if you eat a hamburger, then there is a good chance that it also and that stuff.

In fact, pink slime contains not only the American ground beef. BPI works in other countries.

But that's not all, they are seeking ways to expand its market, stating the following:

The ultimate goal is the inclusion of our products in all the ground beef, and all meat products produced in the United States. Our products can also be found in Canada, Mexico and Japan, with expansion plans to Central America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

How to avoid Pink sliianie you can stop eating meat altogether, however for most people this would be a pretty difficult decision, however, some steps you can take.

It would be useful to start to avoid to eat fast food, since BPI uses the additive in ground beef for the fast food industry. Hotels and restaurants are not the areas that are free of pink slime.

Best to stick to eating meat from local producers whom you know. For more health benefit to add when cooking some healthy spices turmeric.


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