How to cope with ear pain folk remedies

Although most ear infections are relatively harmless, they should be treated because in some cases they may progress and develop into a serious problem. Also affect the eardrum. Perforation of the eardrum can cause temporary hearing loss.

The most common cause of ear pain caused by infection of the middle ear — the so-called otitis media. Fluid accumulation leads to middle ear congestion that is accompanied by painful sensations. Infection of the outer ear, i.e. otitis externa, causes severe pain, both inside and outside the ear canal. Ear pain can be due to a toothache, throat diseases, tonsillitis. If ear pain in a child does not pass within a few hours, while the temperature rises, be sure to consult a specialist. Perhaps the child has a bacterial infection, which requires immediate medical intervention.

View, there is no foreign body in the ear. If it is, and if it is small, you can try to pull it out yourself with tweezers. If this is not possible – consult your doctor. Check if there is discharge from the ear. They appear because of the violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane due to pressure in the middle ear. Don't worry — small tear will heal in a few days.

Ear pain treatment:

If you have hurt your ears, wrap in cotton wool or cloth 2 slices of onion and put in the ears. The pain soon subsides, but still consult your doctor.

Grated beets folded in cheesecloth and place in ear for pain relief in the form of occipital neuralgia, it is important that the pieces of beet were not included in the ear canal. You can drip into the ear a few drops of beet juice.

Take 100 grams of propolis and 100 g of 96% alcohol and 400 g of unrefined plant oil. Stir this mixture and keep in a dark place. The medicine applied on cotton wool and put in ears for months to hear will be better.

Bay leaf against ear pain. This way of treating ear pain is very simple, it can be used for both adults and children. Take an enamel bowl, pour it in a glass of water. Rinse five medium Bay leaves and drop in the pan. When the water boils, remove dish, close the lid and cover the pot with a towel for three hours. Then finished with warm infusion can be instilled sore ear 8-10 drops for adults and 3-4 for children. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times. The relief will come after the first instillation.

If you have a sore ear, you need to instill in him the oil from the walnut kernels. Grind the kernels in a coffee grinder or grinder. Through cheesecloth into 4 layers squeeze the oil. Instilled into the ear 3-5 drops, no more, 2-3 times a day until complete recovery. This oil can be treated and cervical erosion in women, putting the pads with oil.

If noise in ears vinegar and water mix in a 2: 1 ratio and put it on the fire. When you start to go in pairs, to hold my head over it.



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