Physiology of food in restaurants, "McDonald's"

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"Physiological Aspects of Yoga»

"Pay attention to one very interesting feature of these, so to speak," restaurants ". They criticized the doctors, nutritionists, they are being sued "victims" customers, they first break windows "anti-globalists", finally, they removed the scandalous epic about how healthy a strong slim man in a month supply on the recommendations of the staff, "McDonald's" It turns sick bloated wreck without obvious sexual characteristics, and yet the fast food restaurants, "McDonald's" remain the most successful businesses in the catering market worldwide. What is the "secret" of popular name "McDonald's" in everyday consumer dreams of fast food?
To start one effect of identified domestic radiologists, who had to get hold of barium porridge in the stomach at the time required for retgenologicheskogo research. When the porridge was given without preheating (directly from the refrigerator), the cereal leaves the stomach faster than radiologists have time to set up their equipment. On this subject has even defended his doctoral dissertation Lindenbraten Vitaly Davidovich "Materials to the question about the effects of heat on the body" (1969, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Leningrad), where it was proved that chilled food leaves the stomach within 15-20 minutes, regardless of its composition, instead of the 3-4 hours. Accordingly, one of the practical conclusions of the thesis was the recommendation heated barium "oatmeal" before making her patient. That's why most people are not duped recreational "waste paper" and nutritionists continue to warm chilled food before eating, not paying attention to the threat of "losing precious vitamins».
By the way, this is the "secret", where "McDonald's" has made a huge amount of money. Washed down with food (sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs) iced drinks, the man will never be able to eat junk food, and hence will bite again and again. At the same time on the hot beverages - tea, coffee - or set high enough price, or they are not included in the complete sets, or they just do not advertise. But the ice "Pepsi-Cola" and is relatively cheap, or aggressively imposed bright posters and colorful packaging.
In other words, the stimulation of taste receptors in the tongue held, hit in the stomach some food, too, was the place to be, respectively, enjoy the food lover "Big Mac" receives in excess, but that's just the digestion of the patties with bun no time to even really begin for those 20 minutes, he set aside when you are in pursuit of a hamburger pour an icy soda. Finally, if that is absorbed from the range of "restaurants" fast food "McDonald's", so it's only sugar.
Moreover, all this reminds one strange ancient custom, known from Roman patrician who, after taking an incredible amount of food almost immediately aroused vomiting. The fact that the physiological mechanism of the pleasure of eating includes a sharp increase in the production of endogenous opiates (called endorphins) gastric origin. In other words, the "high" from the food can be brought to a state of almost narcotic euphoria when removing food from the stomach before the start intensive digestion, and then again to fill it with food. A similar method of obtaining pleasure practiced and Russian coast-dwellers after the long voyage to the northern seas and the Arctic Ocean.
The same mechanism is based commercial success of fast food such as "McDonald's": thanks zapivaniya hamburger icy Pepsi-Cola food leaves the stomach virtually undigested, and half an hour later was back hungry frequenter of "McDonald's" is again "ready" to look around the place where it was so tasty and fun. Especially quickly this "almost narcotic" food addiction in children is formed, on which is focused the lion's share of advertising "McDonald's" in the world.
One of the serious consequences of regular meals in restaurants like "McDonald's" and is still the same virtually guaranteed goiter because undigested "Big Mac" will serve as a wonderful substrate for intensive breeding in the colon fans of fast food spoilage bacteria and protozoa, which will create a stream poisons and toxins (autointoxication or self-poisoning organism Mechnikov [2]). "


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