Harmful products [1]

In order to throw off the weight is not necessarily torture yourself diets and spend every day in the gym. Suffice it to exclude the use of certain products.

№1 Chips:
In fact it is the potato starch and only. And so he is not a useful product, well, let alone after treatment with the addition of oils and flavorings and flavor enhancers ... well you can imagine. If you always eat chips can get cancers and have problems with weight.

№2 Soda:
You know, even ordinary gouache, diluted in water and with the addition of sugar will not as harmful as a simple marketing ploy gazirovka.Hitry says that fast food is best to write soda, but it only adds to the feeling of hunger.

№3 Fast food:
In addition to price and speed advantages in the preparation of fast-food chickpeas. If you want to quickly satisfy hunger - better prepare yourself a sandwich.

№4 Mayonnaise:
STORES mayonnaise, as well as other sauces and ketchups, contain flavoring agents, fats and flavor enhancers. That's all, accordingly, very much, and good for your health. Better to replace mayonnaise low-fat sour cream.


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