10 daily habits that can kill you

It turns out that almost all of our daily routine actions are harmful to us.

10. Eating fish

Besides the fact that it is very tasty, the fish are believed to be extremely useful for the brain.

But it is also full of poisons. Which is poison depends entirely on the type of fish. While the majority of fish in fact non-toxic, they are capable of withstanding environmental toxins.

Fish caught in the ocean, often "comes" with mercury. The ocean is full of such things. Of course, if you want to avoid the terrible consequences of the use of mercury, you can eat the fish that lives in the other water structures.

But often such fish is full of pesticides. For example, fish that are specially grown, often together with a meal and received a certain amount of pesticides. This is done to get rid of sea lice.

Eating certain fish it is also designed for rapid growth. It should be noted that the artificially grown salmon contains 16 times more toxins than wild salmon. Thus, the habit of eating fish can kill you.

9. Drinking water

Perfluorooctanoic acid - a rather unpleasant chemical that damages the immune system of mice. It also contributes to the development of liver cancer in rodents, testicular cancer, cancer of the pancreas, causing the failure of the hormonal system, and, most worryingly, can lead to neonatal death.

If the fetus survives, in most cases in the future, the rodent will be obese.

Incredibly, this chemical can be found in almost everything from food packaging, electrical and finishing carpets and, most inevitable tap water.

Rules are regulated from state to state, but in most of the water companies are not checked for the presence of such chemicals. This member has been banned in the EU, Canada currently plans to follow suit.

8. Using a heating pad

For many years, warmer made of polycarbonate plastic containing bisphenol A (toxic chemicals associated with the development of breast and prostate cancer, brain damage, as well as disorders of the endocrine system).

In 2008, some European and American companies have stopped selling the bottles containing the substance, but in spite of that, many argue that BPA is safe.

But studies have shown that chromosomal mutations in mice increased from 1-2 percent to 40 percent, when caged rodents made using this material.

Bisphenol A has also been found in baby bottles. Canada, France and Germany have already banned the release of the container containing the chemical. The EU will soon follow suit. This substance can also be detected in the composition of CDs, DVD and laptops.

7. Use dental floss and hair washing

Perflorinadnye connection - a family of fluorinated chemicals, which have incredible resistance. They are very difficult to break down and decompose, and you can find them in almost any man in the world.

Furthermore, they are quite toxic. These chemicals are contained in many cleaning products, food products, and in sanitary products, including dental floss and shampoo.

They are associated with the development of kidney disease and liver, especially strong impact they have on infants. US citizens have the highest levels of these chemicals.

6. pastime in front of TV

Never watching television was not considered a useful exercise. Scientists at the University of Queensland have recently found out how much can be deadly this type of activity.

Every hour of watching TV takes us 22 minutes of his life. The study involved the Australians over 25 years, which in total were watching TV 9, 8 billion hours, resulting in aggregate they lost 286,000 years of life.

In other words, if you watch TV every day for six hours, you risk to die 5 years earlier. It's like the smoking of cigarettes 2 for each hour of TV viewing.

So those of you who like to go out for a smoke during commercial breaks while watching your favorite TV series, remember that you are actually twice as speed up the approach of the time of death.

5. Breathing room

Forget about car exhaust and industrial smoke, because the air in your home is 4 times more polluted than the air outside. And the thing is so-called "volatile organic compounds" (VOCs), which are the source of the plant, the paint on the walls and intended for cleaning products.

New buildings, offices and apartments is particularly dirty, because they consist of a large number of new materials.

The impact on the health of VOC associated with a number of horrific things, such as damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system, as well as irritation of the eyes, nose and dizziness.

It should be noted that the VOC is also associated with the development of cancer.

4. Fruit juices

If you eat right, you work hard and are too serious, whether it's a guarantee that you will live a long time?

The sulfur dioxide contained in such things, which you did not know, namely, dried fruits, fruit juices and even cereal. It is used as an adhesive component of the product and helps to not break up.

Unfortunately, in the case of the human body is not working, because falling inside us, this substance inhibits certain nerve signals, while being an allergen.

Moreover, it is associated with cases of miscarriages, and is one of the most dangerous air pollutants.

3. Happy smile

Maybe you do not pay due attention to the sport, and you do not eat a lot of fruits that contain sulfur dioxide. Probably, sometimes you like to drink something out of alcohol. But you're happy, you smile and you are sincerely sorry constantly sullen people.

However, in reality, they have to feel sorry for you, because happiness - is a health risk.

Project longevity - this study, which began back in 1921. For several decades that have passed since its inception, the experts follows the lives of 1,500 participants.

One of the many discoveries made in the course of the study, is that happy people die earlier than those who are "a little bit unhappy».

Or, in the words of one of the leading experts of the experiment of Dr. Martin Leslie (Leslie Martin) from the University of La Sierra, "most gay people who have an excellent sense of humor, lived a short life compared with those who have little joked and had fun».

People who are happy are more likely to take risks, play health, eat more junk food and fast "burn." However, if you are in the category of optimists, do not worry: the death will not erase the smile from your face.

2. Fast-food and popcorn from the microwave

If you eat popcorn and delicious and very greasy fries, it will not help you win the marathon in the near future. Everyone knows that fast food - it's not just food that clogs arteries, is the real killer.

Moreover, the same killer is the packaging, which comes fast food, so you eat death in the package. Scientists from Toronto found that the chemicals used in wrappers for junk food, migrate to the package on food, and thus fall into our body.

These chemicals are full carcinogen that causes cancer. It is worth noting that in many packages of popcorn for microwave ovens contain known chemical diacetyl responsible for the development of respiratory disease.

Factory workers, which made this popcorn are at the highest risk of obtaining such disease.

1. Use sunscreen

For years, dermatologists have advised us to use sunscreen. Given that they have cancer prevention properties, it seemed good advice.

But it turns out that sunscreen is not so good. In addition to the fact that you can not get a tan by his fault, it blocks access to the body of vitamin D. This vitamin that helps bones stay healthy, helps balance the immune system and fights HIV.

Moreover, he eats cancer cells. Therefore it is not surprising that people who have deficiency of vitamin D in the body begins to ache.

In fact, in Europe, a quarter of women who died from breast cancer, could survive if supported by an adequate level of vitamin D, that is, more than just being in the sun.

Or maybe, just less applied to sunscreen.

The problem with such creams began not so long ago. For several years in some sunscreens regularly detect chemical toxins. These poisonous toxins with unpronounceable names include benzophenones, cinnamates and cops anthranilates that are banned in the EU, Canada and Australia.

However, in many other countries are still marketed cream with these additives. Moreover, they have estrogen-like side effects, which can result in reduced sperm activity or receive birth defects.

Because of them, even the penis can be reduced in size.

It should be noted that the sunscreens were also found free radicals, which are at least 35 percent of cases are absorbed into the blood, and damage fats, proteins and DNA of certain cells.

All this leads to premature skin aging and, eventually, to cancer. Therefore, as a sunscreen protects against skin cancer and its use contributes to the development of this disease.


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