Nicely frolic

Sometimes the old woman is proruha. When completely completely foolish mathematical discrepancy destroys an elegant combination.
In Schwerin so here obrazaom guys were noted from the Department of Education. When it became clear that one hundred and seventy organization entrusted computer infected by a virus Conficke, stood in front of them almost sacred question - whether to treat not to treat? Omit unnecessary details of how such a surprise was made at the same time (see, preparing vrazhiny to disabling the holy of holies long and carefully), proceed directly to the course Mathematics something like the third grade. (And maybe the second, I will not argue).
Narodec of the Department sat down, shook tambourines, clicked on the calculator and gave the result that the restoration of the status quo (purchase license antivirusnikov, hiring specialists for work on the clean-up) require one hundred thousand European Trident rubles. What are the local budget was not observed even in the first approximation. And it made a wise decision. Once cured can not - then to the morgue.
After that, all the equipment had been brought to the dump.
In adults and seems to be adequate people began to ask thoughtful, as they case with mathematics. Because the renewal of computer park together with the new software will cost the treasury one hundred eighty-seven thousand same Yevrorubl. That, anyway, and fifty-seven thousand more than the cost of repairs. You know, bureaucrats - they after all bureaucrats. Repair something had to be from the local media. And buy new - at the expense of the center.
So try to solve two problems at once - and update the database, and not by the type to spend. Unless they are sent on courses in mathematics for a year and a half to a special school with strict isolation.


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