Each patient - an individual approach

And doctors have a sense of humor. In principle, not really something and doubts. Rather, it was even sure. Well, there's humor has its own specifics, not everyone is acceptable. Fiziologizm cynically, I would say. But it turns out, may be so. Thin and in English. They Yanovich white robe with an emblem awarded, eh? And not prikopalis. Start from afar. First honorary cardio his betrothed, and now an honorary doctorate soldered. Well, logically continue to still be an honorary speech therapist. And there deserved psychiatrist. Not, well done all the same. Here one must learn. And, in fact, splash each other with saliva from the stands, pages and screens. And then, very quietly, so gently: "And here's robe, Nikolai Azarov. Not if you please try? No? Why, just your razmerchik. Haute couture. No, no, do not hesitate, limited edition. You do not hesitate to get used to. While this modelka. And there, and the other will be easier to squeeze. With such long sleeves. To the back was comfortably wrapped. See how nice sitting? Though born in it! What you do not mention it. Carry on health, get used to, so to speak, in a new hypostasis »
It would be nice to think like, painless, I would say, the approach and the support of our state - our guarantor. Well, give him, to begin with, so as a hint, Dictionary Ozhegova. Or Dahl. Well, basically the topic can be developed indefinitely, there is enough material.
Thank you, gentlemen physicians. Approach simply takes the soul. And do not hurt, and everyone understands


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