Features of the opening of IIS in Russia

Bank deposit interest rates are going down, making it almost impossible to make good money on deposit. The "investment individual account" (IIS) - a brokerage account with privileges from the state, allowing you to get additional benefits, will help to make your money work. Today, you can open an IIS using a convenient broker application, while the procedure itself will take a little time.

What benefit options are available today?
Despite the popularity of IIS among investors, not everyone opens an individual account specifically for investments. Anyone can take advantage of tax incentives, while it is not necessary to engage in transactions on the exchange. The following benefit options are available today:
  1. Deduction of type "A". Suitable for all officially employed persons who receive regular income subject to personal income tax. According to the rules, you need to open an account for 3 years and replenish it annually. As a result, you get an annual 13% of the top-up amount. The maximum deduction amount is 52 thousand rubles for 1 year. To receive such an amount, you will need to top up your balance by at least 400 thousand rubles.
  2. Deduction of type "B". It will be an ideal option for active traders who make big money on the exchange. To increase income, it is enough to open an IIA and invest in any financial instruments available to other investors. As a result, you receive tax-exempt income. In this case, the maximum amount of earnings has no limits. The account is also opened for a set period of 3 years.
Be careful, only one individual account can be opened in your name. By choosing the type of deduction ("A" or "B"), you can return the funds paid as taxes.

Useful facts about IIS
You can apply for an IIS at any of the 140 brokerage companies in Russia. When choosing, it is better to give preference to brokers with a high rating. This will allow you to avoid links with scammers who impose additional services on customers in small print. Before opening an IIS in a chosen company, it is important to study the following facts:
  • you can replenish an individual account only with cash;
  • when opening an IIS, it is not necessary to immediately put money on the balance;
  • it is impossible to open a second investment account with another broker;
  • available amount for replenishment - up to 1 million rubles.
Today, you can open an investment account online using the functionality of a specific broker's service. The whole process will take no more than 15 minutes. However, before concluding a deal, you must familiarize yourself in advance with the procedure for opening an IIS in the selected company. Remember that the account is opened for a period of three years, regardless of the option chosen.


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