Ode syuru

Whether you like Sur as I love him? One way or something so I could say. But, alas, to me this phrase, however, with regard to the theater, had to say, Mr. Belinsky. Such is the impact from the classics. But still I love sur. How Come? But look at our daily lives. Here everything - theater of the absurd and grotesque, and comedy, the same sur. And it's great, because life and must be multi-faceted and rich. In which there Lobachevsky's geometry, not just linear. In which sometimes crazy zigzags, not only perfectly straight line. In which many people - so many visions. Someone sees maple, and someone - a flock of crows. And the trees can live not only birds and clawed mlekopitayuschie.Ulitki can crawl on the razor's edge, and all the houses can do that is unclear. Roads may terminate unexpectedly, and just as suddenly transformed.
In general, it's great when there is in this world, sort of, in terms of official medicine, craziness. Although, of course madness and normality tests - one more question. As one friend psychiatrist, absolutely normal (according to tests) people - about 5%. And they are all terrible and boring pedants. So I - for a healthy dose of madness. Senor Dali, I am with you. And long live sur!


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