One incident in the life of the Prime Minister

Funny enough, and the same characteristic incident occurred during the visit of our esteemed Prime Minister Mr. Azarov in Kiev. The visit was carried out such a model ostentatious event, like a meeting with the workers. It would seem that this is not just pretentious such actions were carried out, but it did not work out this time. Well is it? It is simply marked with the word master Azarov in the context of his speech, inadvertently mentioned the fact that the average zarplta in Ukraine is currently 3500 hryvnia. Well, it is for the Pan Azarov can and fact, but that working with this fact, to put it mildly, did not agree about what it was told and acted initially as a burst of laughter, and then came to specifics. One of the workers informed the Prime Minister that he, for example, earns only 1,500 hryvnia. The head of government did not believe the troublemakers and adequately argue that perhaps he works part-time. However, work continued stubbornly stand your ground - despite the most that neither is a full-time job, the salary he somehow far announced to average earnings. But Azarov not caught with chaff! "Do not you work a full day!" - He said, as cut, and deftly turned the conversation to other topics.
It is, of course, understandable, for a person with income of our prime minister, in principle, that a half, three and a half that five thousand hryvnia per month - quite far from the amount of real perception. And to make a mistake in such a situation can be very easily. But for most of the electorate to which it is addressed, these things are quite close, and in some cases even painful. It's not even banter and net Gloom.


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