Major film premieres in February

That's it on the big screens of the country will be released long-awaited film by Lars von Trier and Martin Scorsese. Ironic comedy "9 months of rigorous expectations." or the tale of love with Colin Farrell and Joaquin Phoenix romance with the operating system's own computer and the other February premiere, which simply need to see.
"The wolf of Wall Street". The fact that the audience is waiting on the screens have probably known to all, so that should not be repeated. It is obvious that the title of the most anticipated film premieres in February this picture has earned.
Premiere: February 6.

But the film promises to be a genius. Premiere: February 13.

"American Hustle". Approved by the American film critic, based in part on the operation "ABSK" conducted by the FBI in the late 1970s. Crazy hairstyles, dresses with cleavage and overall playful atmosphere guaranteed. Pleases cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence. Premiere: February 13,

For those who want romance on the eve of the holiday, the perfect movie - "Winter's Tale." Winter fairy tale of love so strong that carries the characters in time - the best choice for going to the movies on the eve of the upcoming Valentine's Day. In the title role - Colin Farrell.
Premier: February 13

Another story about the great power of love. The film - "Pompei". Bonus - the main characters. Kit Harington charismatic and charming Emily Browning. According to producer Jeremy Bolt, the creators have made every effort to save the film "Pompeii" historical truth. And although the main fictional characters, but their images and names correspond to the real people of that historical period. The exact time and circumstances of the chronology of the eruption of Vesuvius recreated as faithfully as possible to the movies.
Premiere: February 20,

For fans of French humor fit the film "9 months of strict regime." Excellent French comedy in the spirit of "Amelie". But a good portion of black humor. Premiere: February 20,

"Philomena". Wonderful tragicomedy that will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a story about an old woman, to go along with the journalist to seek your child, once away from her nuns. Laughter and tears are guaranteed. Premiere: February 27,

Another favorite of February - "Club of Dallas Buyers' dramatic story of Ron Woodruff, Texas electrician who in 1986 discovered the incredible transformation SPID.Speshite see Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, lost weight by 22 kg and 13 kg respectively.
Russian Premiere: February 27,

"It". The film is about love, but not simple. Love between man and the operating system. The latest romance is very kind and accurately embodied the actor Joaquin Phoenix. A magical voice artificial intelligence presented Scarlett Johansson. Foreign critics and audiences tipped the film a huge success. Premiere: February 27,

"An Academy of vampires". The main heroine of horror - seventeen girlfriend Rosemary and Lissa, exemplary pupil school vampires. But, most importantly, one of the main male roles in Hollywood debuts Danila Kozlovsky. By the way, one session is unlikely to be over: the author of the novel on which the film is removed, has published six novels about the most frightening alumni of the American academies.
Russian Premiere: February 27,


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