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It is one thing - street fashion that we see in the photographs, and quite another - a look inside, and look more fashionable person. Bloggers in interviews happy to talk about themselves and fashion in their country. Today I have collected for you excerpts from an interview with five famous fashion bloggers from Finland, Brazil, Miami and other parts of the globe where they honestly talk about fashion around.

MIKKO PUTTONEN, 18-year-old photographer and bloggger from Finland, the city of Turku.
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Frankly, the Finns are known worldwide as the people who first of all appreciate the warmth and comfort. And the truth is, you have to be a little bit crazy, that would be in our long and cold winter in the first place to put their own style rather than comfort.

Now my town people dress rather not bad, but I still often feel like a black sheep when wear tight leather pants and a long cardigan. In Finland, fashion and culture does not go hand in hand, and I'm really happy when I see on the street for someone who is not afraid to stand out and dress in their own.

ALANA RUAS, 25-year-old blogger and fashion designer from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
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I think that fashion Rio de Janeiro, bright, colorful, and in the style of casual. Here in Rio, people like to wear sports shoes, sandals, flip-flops and comfortable clothes.

Even in the evenings and on special occasions, most people dressed simply, but some women still wears tight dresses, short shorts, something tight and sexy.

Some girls prefer to dress in the style of rock, others prefer gentle, girlish dresses, very popular hippie style. Men more often dress casually, but some of them are surfing style, sports, or a hippie.

DANIELA RAMIREZ, 25-year-old blogger from Venezuela, who now lives in Miami, USA.
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Compared with major fashion cities like Miami, colorful, bright and printovanuyu clothes. In addition, there is a factor that limits our experiments with the style of the weather.

Despite the fact that summer all year round - it's great, it's still prevent us from trying, measure and match warm clothes and shoes, to dress in several layers. Here you can dream only within short shorts and miniskirts.

MATTHIAS CORNILLEAU, a blogger from France, Paris.
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Paris is known as one of the most stylish and fashionable cities in the world, but I can not agree with it. Compared with the London and Berlin, in Paris all dress alike and look like clones.

I think the reason for this is simple: when you dress just a little not all, you can not avoid strange looks and discomfort. And the truth is, if you stand on the streets of Paris from the rest of the people from the crowd, you will feel very uncomfortable. So people prefer to forget about their own style, personality and adapt to the others. Personally, I dream of a bold and eccentric Paris.

AUDREY KITCHING, fashion designer and journalist from the USA, New York.
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I would like to compare a fashionable life in the two cities where I lived - Los Angeles and New York. You know, when I lived in California, I often wore heels and pretty dresses. The atmosphere in these two cities are very different. I think here in New York, everyone is trying to prove something to himself and others (though, perhaps, there is in many large cities).

I found a NYC style, which is a more casual, in the style of casual, in which the usual jeans and ballet flats to look fashionable. When I was in Philadelphia, I no longer think about the comfort and comfort, and dress is easier than in NY. Leather baseball cap, big sunglasses, massive boots, large rings and dimensionless dresses - comfortable and at the same time stylish.


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