Ukraine: trendy touches January

Yes, New York Fashion Week rattle the whole world, recognized by the French super-fashionable women, while the Italians have sensuality and its own unique charm, but also Ukrainian girls have something to show. Sense of style and the ability to combine and match fashions from around the world allows us to consider blogs Ukrainian girls as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Everything goes to the fact that the Ukrainian blogosphere does not yield the same streetstyle New York or Paris fashionistas ...

Ukrainian girls love comfort ...

... Native motifs

... Bright colors

... Business style

... Romantic images

... Retro look

Ukrainian guys generally prefer style casual: jeans, shirt, black coat ...

... Although there are exceptions: bold experiments and vivid colors, not only women's prerogative.

Remembering the brightest fashionistas Ukraine, one can not forget about Tina Sazonova (tina-sblog). The style of this charming girl can range from sensual femininity to the rough notes of in the accessories.
Femininity and sensuality from Tina: bright coat, pants printovanye and charming mini handbag trend mint color.

Vivid details are felt: a girl not miss out on the street and want to see every detail of her wardrobe.

Even in winter you can forget about the cold and bad weather thanks to a bright accessories, light prints and stylish details.

Even on vacation do not forget that you are the person in your life is fashion and style.

Another girl who deserves no less attention is - Margarita Muradova (greenteanosugar). It is from Kiev, and she, too, has its own peculiarity in style. Her style - a careless femininity with a drop of insolence and brutality.
Bright details complement the image, but the soloist in this autfite definitely soft, fluffy and nice looking sweater in pink.

Sweater - Sheinside / Bag - Mohito / Jeans - Levi's / Shoes - Pimkie / Earrings - Annies Corner / Coat - Thrifted / Scarf - Reserved

Several bows Margarita already provide a glimpse of self-sufficiency and individuality of her style.

As you can see, Margarita in their images relies precisely on the bright parts and accessories. Because you can not take your eyes off "how to" casually knotted bright sweater, or "like" hurry captured stylish leather handbag.

These and other boys and girls of Ukraine represent a great future of Ukrainian fashion and argue that it is too early to write off the Ukrainian stylists and models from the accounts.


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