Who is the head in this house

Mid-nineties. Toronto. Winter. Cold. Russian restaurant. Well, it is called a Russian, but in real life kitchen - kitchens hodgepodge former united and indivisible. On a slope, truth, still in Russian. Prepare delicious, and therefore people are going willingly. Not really Russian, however. Him as "his" Jewish mafia was chosen, again because of emigrants from the Soviet Union. Normal people, of course, also present, but still.
And to recognize so many present for clan-even quite possible. Since these are very typical at many accessories. On a gold chain thick as a finger - the Star of David. Also, of course, gold. Not all of this beauty flaunt. But the men - without fail. And the men - not just a name. Under two meters tall. Ears, noses broken repeatedly and under the most unexpected corners. Lovely those guys. Almost all of the wives in the - family run restaurant.
And one of these cherubim out to smoke outside. The tee shirt. And on the street smoking a kid. Our kid came to learn. The restaurant looked accidental. A soldier looks at him. Very tight. Boy becomes uncomfortable, but the house itself seems engaged in combat. But then understand - not the level. Hangs a bad break.
And then dart out the door places stokilogrammovye wife fighter. And the threshold begins to "embed" your Zhorik that one adder, jumped naked into the street and can catch a cold.
At the boy's thought: "Well, everything. Kapets Baba. Dobazarilas. Now it smear on the asphalt. That is not lowered in front of strangers. " And here is inexplicable. This god of war, is the embodiment of horror, this pile of muscles shrinks, it becomes half in volume and a trembling ingratiating voice begins to calm his faithful. She did not let up. Then he humbly bowed his head as the dog follows her into the room, throwing a cigarette just begun.
And you say - it is the world of men.


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