Why not just sell our extreme-conditionally edible! Well, there are different meats, salinity of unknown origin on the remote trays in this series does not occupy the last place. And this story took place in Moscow a year and a half ago.
Once, a young man goes to work by subway station "Timiryazevskaya" and draws attention to some stall-counter where all edible nonsense sell. Laid out on the counter all sorts of delicacies, well there - smoked and salted fish, ribs, sausage, every meat tartare and other goodies. And it all this is very.
And then he noticed it. In the corner of the counter are some pieces of fillet, and next to them sign "SUSLYATINA GK." It is worth noting that our hero, in terms of food a man of experience, try and sobachatiny and lyagushatinu and even krokodilyatinu ... But suslyatiny, and even smoked it until you have tried! Naturally, that it played quite a healthy interest. He approached the counter (for which there is very plump madam) and at ease as she says:
 - Give me 300 grams - 400 suslyatinki please on trial.
Hearing these words, babischa raises his head and looks very unkind straight in the eye gourmet. Her face quickly poured paint to tint beet and she angry whisper hissed through his teeth: GK SUSLYATINA - That's me!


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