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Going on a gastronomic tour of the restaurants previously unknown States, don't forget to make sure that the menu suits your preferences. Otherwise routine dishes of the good old resorts of the Black sea, in comparison with alluring exotic, seems a fairy tale about the rainbow ponies. Gathering numerous reviews about the extraordinary cuisine of the world, DGF ICC is the rating most prominent.


Fried Scorpions

Common to China and Vietnam. According to eyewitnesses, the texture of food is as disgusting as it looks: fried Scorpions fragile on the outside and mealy contain-gelatin filling. But at least they are not poisonous: after Scorpio goes in the fryer, the poison loses its toxic properties.

Puffer fish

Unsurpassed Japanese delicacy. The puffer fish poison is fatal and minor bug chef could cost the lives of all those who will try. Therefore making only those chefs who passed the exams and have passed the required training. The puffer fish poison in a hundred times more dangerous than cyanide. To order dish in Japan only, and only in the best restaurants.

Оdori ebi or "live shrimp"

This delicacy can not be compared with the puffer fish. Odori ebi is a sushi made from live shrimps. Yes, they continue to move legs and antennae at the time of tasting. The cooking process does not take a lot of time and effort: first, the shrimp are soaked in sake, and then, directly before the meal in sauce. The delicacy is available all in the same ruthless Tokyo.

Hundred-year eggs

Be sure the name exaggerates the period of preparation of this dish. And although it's a Chinese dish, sometimes "getting ready" weeks and even months, unlikely it would persist for a hundred years.

Typically, hundred-year eggs ready to eat in a hundred days after the procedure, the "pickling" fresh duck, chicken or quail eggs coated with a mixture of a tea infuser, lime, salt, ash and clay, then rolled in rice husks and straw, is placed in a basket and buried in the ground.


Over time, the clay mixture hardens and forms a crust, and the acid of the lime juice acts as a preservative and prevents putrefaction. Month through three-four hundred-year egg, you can try!


However, oddly enough, the main thing in this delicacy – not taste, and appearance. As a result of internal transformations of a protein turns into a thick amber-red jelly, and the yolk – milk-cream-gray mass with a greenish tint. The yolk becomes creamy spicy taste and the taste of the protein remains unchanged.


The Chinese delicacy is served as a side dish to the main dish, added to soup or used as a decoration for the usual egg dishes, e.g. scrambled eggs. According to travellers, the best hundred-year eggs are cooked at the night market Donghuamen in Beijing.


Fried spider Cambodia

A traditional dish of Cambodian town of Skuon. Tarantula a-ping", with the size of a human palm, the people of Cambodia appreciates the practical as much as we caviar. Spiders artificially bred in earthen burrows or caught in their habitat.

First they remove the fangs, which are very poisonous. Then flatten the abdomen, so they couldn't move. Then fry them in oil on slow open fire. Seasoned with sugar, small garlic and lots of salt. When the shell of a spider becomes red-brown and legs turns crisp, it means that the tarantula is ready and you can eat. The taste is reminiscent of crab or lobster. Only it is much more convenient because to remove the shell tongs we do not need. The tastiest parts are the abdomen and legs of a spider. And the most avid fans appreciate more meat from the head of the spider.


Happy lunch

In some restaurants, Lao Vang Vieng you can find dishes with a meaningful prefix "happy". They feature a secret ingredient, which is opium, mushrooms, or marijuana.

Want to get hallucinogenic pizza or a milkshake with toadstools? Yes please! However, recently the city authorities, concerned that Vang Vieng was called the capital of tourism, struggling to cover benches. But who searches – that always finds.



Currently living in the root system of agave giant black ants lived and not bothering anyone, until the Mexicans, accustomed to drink absolutely all the food in the surrounding area, not learned to cook eggs of these ants. And off we go.

Usually they are lightly stewed, poured into tacos and add avocado, and the most interesting is that the taste is quite personal. Because the probability do not even know what you eat – well refilling and refilling, think.


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