Russian Defense Ministry offers to citizens who evade military service in 27 years not to give military cards, and certificates. The certificate will be told that the citizen is registered for military service in the police as the stock has not passed military service without a valid reason. Continued under the cut. Russians think about the possible replacement of military tickets Help for "deviationist" split almost equally: 38% of respondents supported the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, 34% - do not support. At the same time men are more votes "for" (among them the proportion endorsing the idea of ​​44%, while among women only 30%), and women - "against" (36% of them did not approve proposals military officials).

The arguments of those who disagree with the decision of the chief of the military department, are reduced to the necessity of getting boys some experience before they begin a career and occupy high positions, especially in the civil service. In addition, military service is still perceived by many as the duty of every man. "Every citizen shall undergo military training. If it does not, it must be to some extent infringed the rights of (can not be elected to the authorities, can not hold certain public offices, etc.) "; "We have served, fought and they did not consider themselves part of Russia? So let go with the label "I am a coward," - commented on the respondents.
Opponents of the bill point out that such action could trigger a wave of corruption in the military. In addition, all hang on the same label 'has not passed military service without a valid reason "is unreasonable, because the causes of deviations from the army may be different. "Recruitment offices will speculate on this"; "Sons of the right people will still get the desired ticket"; "We need to move to a contract army, and there will be no draft dodgers"; "My child is three years old, and I can not get a place in kindergarten. Hence the question - why did he have to serve? "- Explains his position surveyed.
Almost a third of Russians (28%) found it difficult to clearly assess the initiative of the Ministry of Defence: "It is difficult to say anything without reading the content of the amendments"; "The certificate marked" not served "differs from military identification card marked" not served »? & Quot;
According to a recent survey conducted among representatives of Russian companies and organizations, 54% HR-managers, all other things being equal prefer to hire the applicant, who served in the army. In their observations, the workers have served more disciplined and responsible, able to get along with the staff and to follow the rules of the company. 5% of respondents would prefer to take the company a candidate does not give his military duty home. And 41% found it difficult to say exactly who they will prefer other things being equal - passed or not passed military service candidate.



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