Young man ...

The young man, 15 years old got on the bus. The boy was
insanely happy that there was no one, the bus is empty, sit wherever you want! He sat comfortably at the window, because he should go to the end.
The bus began its journey, and after 20 minutes was completely packed with people.

Young man sitting, listening to music and looking out the window, when suddenly an old woman patted him on the shoulder: "Shame on you, I'm your senior years gave way, and you ...", she was joined by a second "Here young people sitting here healthy, young boy and an elderly woman patient should be! ».

Literally 2-3 minutes on Man attacked the whole bus.

The young man could not resist such pressure and said:

"Well, I'll get up, but he will sit on this place only one who is not ashamed of his words».

Of course, his statement was introduced in all the shock, but swear they did not stop. The boy began frantically to get something from under the seat, and this seemed a crutch, and then another man stood up, leaning on them.

Everyone froze in amazement. No one is thinking and
could not, no one would think that this is possible ... and an elderly woman, so nervously upcoming on his feet all the way, now understood why he did not pay any attention to it.

To the last stop the bus drove in silence.

The boy rode standing on crutches, though it was difficult, but he was - he gave the power that a window seat remained empty for the rest of the way.


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