Three fatal error

Unconditional faith unfair advertising leads to disastrous consequences on the road, I'm sure expert auto Sergey Aslanian

This week we will lose on the roads of the country about 700 people were killed. Many of them before his death did everything right, do not break, be sober and attentive. And still die.

About their death will be to write a "suicide by negligence." A main factor in the death indicate supposed onset of winter, adding a special softness, snow on the road and recently the Minister of Education AA Fursenko.

By the death of these people will be prepared ahead of time, after reading a lot about the bad weather, modern technologies and marketing achievements, received help in passing the advice of seasoned, expert ratings, conclusions of professionals and neighboring approval. Before his death, they will spend a lot of money in caring for maximum safety, maximum confidence and guaranteed salvation. After that die. Good, kind, wealthy people ... Along the way, killing someone else from casual to death ready in less carefully or not at all ready ...

In science fiction Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) was once asked why people still do not live on Mars? The writer said: "... the people - idiots. They made a bunch of stupid things: inventing costumes for dogs, post advertising manager and IPhone ... And if we are to develop science, mastered the Moon, Mars, Venus ... Who knows what would the world then? Mankind was given the opportunity to surf the cosmos, but it wants to engage in consumption: drinking beer and watching soap operas ».

Our Minister of Education (fortunately, former) Andrei Fursenko can be satisfied with the work done. He set out to grow a qualified consumer instead of man the creator, the creation of which domestic education labored since the time of Peter the Great. Minister succeeded Emperor maybe more. One of the indirect results - 700 corpses a week ...

All who die in these days on the roads of the country from the onset of winter - just those most qualified consumers who prefer IPhone space, knowledge testing and Google own experience. In their minds the image formed -

safe car (maybe they even heard of a five-star EuroNCAP) with ABS, sometimes with a full drive on winter tires. Combining these achievements in having your own car, people sincerely believe that they are now part of the work is finished, they have fully complied with all the conditions of the problem for Security, and then everything will be by itself and certainly as promised and advertising manager, that is perfect, and under the control of safely. At the moment of death, they will not know what is wrong.

Spikes trouble

Deadly mistake №1 - winter tires "Velcro". There is no "Velcro", no winter tire does not stick to the ice, snow or the frozen asphalt, forming the contact patch and safe summer friction coefficient. "Velcro" - is as much a marketing mantra as "100% juice" on the package with the compote. Skillfully use of the word itself in the minds of dorisovyvaet stable behavior on the road, stability and other technical details in frightening terms, the essence of which is in full obedience to the car. Which is not. Any, even the studded tire requires skill, addictive, caution. And never, under any circumstances can not keep the car as well as a summer tire in the warm and dry pavement. But "generation Iphone» why something about it does not want to know and believe that the time had winter tires, it will handle itself and the braking distance at any rate will, as always ... In the summer, these people are in fact stopped the car on summer tires? Hence, in the winter at the winter stop. And in the salon manager talked about this same conjuring magic word "Velcro" and zombiruya phrase "winter tires» ...

4x4 is not for everyone

Deadly mistake №2 - four-wheel drive. There is no all-wheel drive circuit that turns the car into a guaranteed all-terrain vehicle with a fundamental stability in any corner, on any road, at any speed. As winter tires, all-wheel drive - a handy tool, and if you do not know how to use it, at least he would not be useful, as a maximum - exacerbate trouble. The simplest hammer in hand can tragically inept bounce on the forehead, and skillful - with one blow hammer a nail to the very hat. "Generation Iphone» believes that the best preparation for the winter - all-wheel drive car on winter tires. After that, the wheel can continue to frolic in a summer style, technique and technology all make for yourself. Do they not come up for this? Four-wheel drive that is surely wins, gives some confidence and like always succeeds (as in advertising wrote) ... And in Google rolls were about the same ...

Do not lock the brains

Deadly mistake №3 - ABS. There is no anti-lock braking systems, which reduces the braking distance. ABS increases. In the summer, on a dry road, it is not so noticeable, and many unnoticed altogether. In winter, ABS stops the car three meters farther usual, and with great speed - on all fifteen, that is already in a heap of others and iron among the scattered bodies ... The task of the system - to prevent wheel lock so that the machine did not go skidding and remains manageable even in case of emergency inhibition. The driver, educated people, not Tamagotchi, Fursenko and IPhone, in a similar situation gets a chance to avoid the object, nobody kill or be killed himself, trusting others are wrong in choosing the speed, press on the panic brake and time to marvel before death results.

... Grown modern education system, and an MBA exam, cute, cute, educated people will be killed this week because they are used to (allowed themselves, want to) live without the knowledge, experience and skills, only pay for services and achievements of others. They do not have to think, analyze, question. They have enough to pay and use. By purchasing the most modern, expensive and the best of the best, they still die. Even after reading the instructions in the car and winter tires. It is this and sought a former Minister of Education, who spoke on Lake Seliger in 2007: "The challenge is to cultivate qualified consumers that can skillfully use the results of other works." Minister proved very effective. And the disciples worthy ...




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