Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox is dissatisfied with the fact that her ex-husband, producer David Arquette, very quickly arrange his personal life after her divorce from her. As the portal RadarOnline referring to a close friend of the actress, Courtney was shocked when she learned that Arquette's new girlfriend, reporter Christina McLarty, is pregnant. According to the source, Cox surprised and outraged not, that her former husband has decided on a child when he does not have time to devote sufficient time to their common daughter, nine-year old Coco. In addition, Arquette, according to his ex-wife is still not finally won his alcohol dependency. (In 2011, the producer is undergoing rehabilitation in a private center to recover from alcoholism, but the summer of 2012 broke (repeatedly photographed him drunk).

Happy family disintegrated even in 2010

New love David
Courtney said the behavior of the former husband's unreasonable, but she promises that will provide support to David and his new companion of life after birth. "Whatever it was, at the Coco will soon be a brother or sister. This is great ยป
It is very likely that Courtney just jealous. It is likely that the actress had hoped that Arquette did go away from his young girlfriend and return to the family (though officially they have issued a divorce in May 2013, the last two years, David could not hide a relationship with Christina McLarty)


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