What is a robot lawn mower? Parse Robomow RS 630

Robotic lawn mowers are still low popularity in Russia. But, according to our sales, demand is increasing every year by more than 100%. People are interested, peep from the neighbors happy and light up the desire to buy a garden on such a device. Then they will know the price, and their enthusiasm is often fizzles. Pleasure rather expensive. Are the mower for money or not, and how to choose a suitable for your lawn? Let's deal.

On sale in the Russian market are the most popular manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers: Caiman, Robomow, Wiper, Husqvarna. There are less popular models from Bosch, Stiga, Worxi others. Caiman and Wiper - Mower one Italian company Zucchetti, but released under different brands in Russia. Robomow produced in Israel, previously known as Frendly Robotics. Husqvarna - Swedish industrial company that produces a variety of tools for the garden and mowing robots are only a small fraction of the range of their products.
Today we will talk about the top model from the company Robomow, but first go over some basic characteristics of robotic lawn mowers and examine how they work.

How was it?
Progress does not stand still, more and more people are lazy, bought vacation homes with large areas - these factors gave manufacturers the ground for reflection on the new types of devices that could be engaged in offline mode mowing lawns. The first such devices have appeared more than 20 years ago, but even then there were enthusiasts who come up with their own design, as in the above photograph. On the safety of such structures of speech, of course, was not.

What is the working principle of lawn mowers?
In general, almost all lawn mowers require cabling limiter on the perimeter. Cable determines the boundary of the mowing. On it is a constant signal from the base. Obviously, one end of the cable comes out of the base station, the other part of it, that is, the contour must not have gaps (remember the phrase, "was not a single break!"). It is also evident in the majority of truckers lawn is not flat and empty, it can be placed trees, flower beds, the house eventually. All mower have at their disposal sensors obstacles like a robot vacuum cleaner. The truth at last have optical and infrared sensors, ie, the robot can not touch the furniture, and in mowers usually installed mechanical sensors. The sensors react to obstacles in height from 10 cm. Boulders, curbs, trees mower detect an obstacle and just go round. But flowers can eat, and out of the pool and water to drink. That has not happened recently, you must correctly pave the perimeter wire.

As can be seen from the figure, the wire will have to bend around a circle flower bed or other obstacles. If the site is located in the middle of a smooth track level with the ground or up to 10 cm tall, you can not limit it. Better track of crushed stone fence, leave a narrow passage into another clean cutting zone. Knives from the rubble and cones may deteriorate. An example of the track where the robot lawn mower does not need any restrictions represented on the photo.

Examples of areas where the need to guard:

In the next photo lawn so overloaded that it can not generally use the mower because the cable can not be routed correctly.

What to do if you have multiple zones mowing? In the simplest case, when the passage has a width of from 1 m 2 can be laid cable so that it captures all zones. By the way, the cable is used everywhere solid copper. If you do not complete enough, you can use any other option, no additional purchasing from the manufacturer. In winter, do not need to turn off cable.

Mowers Caiman company can operate without wires limiter, but in this case, the lawn should be completely fenced physical objects with a height of 10 cm. Robomow mowers are equipped with optional adapter perimeter, which allows you to use the device on the lawns, where the base has not been established.

If the second pitch is large, the perimeter of the adapter will not be sufficient and should be installed on the second base station and the robot through the remote transport or transfer from site to site (and they are not easy, the average of 15 kg).

Video correct folding wire:

Wire paved, installed base, you can run the device.

Autonomous mowers tend to move erratically. Older models of Caiman have a replay of the helix. Robomow zigzag moves, but, for example, Bosch is moving snake. But even here there are some minuses. Bosch produces its permanent the same route, and at repeated start in the same places will remain nekoshenye sites. Therefore, probably chaotic regime fit even better. Another important that the mower will not leave the track near the base, and for this it should not always call in a straight line. An example of dokoshennoy grass can be seen in the figure below.

Advanced mowers have a rain sensor, and will not mow in bad weather, can be programmed to run a certain time, and so on. D. But more on that below. All mowers mulching grass, that is, the rapid rotation of the blades crushed her to such a state that it dries quickly and rot, as a good fertilizer for the new grass.

What to look for when choosing?
The cost of robotic mowers ranging from 50 000 to 300 000 rubles. Here's what to look for when choosing such a device:
1) There should be a high-quality service and desirable guarantee of 2 years. Robot lawn mower technically complex product and that a third-party repair service center is not likely to succeed.
2) width. This indicator shows how quickly your standalone assistant mow the lawn. The greater the width, the faster mow the lawn. Cheap models (Caiman L50) it is 24 cm in advanced (Robomow RS630) - 56 cm.
3) The proper load distribution depending on the amount of grass. Robomow, for example, is able to slow down in those places where the tall grass, it measures the current on motors mowing. If the grass is high, then a big load, then a high current, so it is necessary to reduce the rate of motion for the best results.
4) Power Consumption. The higher it is, the better and faster mowing robot. Sometimes you can find two robots with the same area of ​​mowing. For example, both the robot up to 1000 sq. M., But one has a working width of 30 cm and the other 57, one has a capacity of 100 W and 400 W other who give preference?
Of course, as to which is more powerful and has a large width, it is to mow the lawn faster.
5) The type and capacity of the battery. Affects the size of the lawn, which can cater for the device. Mowers easier to be able to work a maximum of 4 acres, and advanced models of up to 30 acres. Best of lithium iron phosphate, they have a large number of charge cycles discharge up to 2000 and, therefore, a huge life compared with standard lithium-ion batteries. It is obvious that a nickel-metal hydride battery of speech at all.
6) multi-zone - is the ability of the robot to mow grass in different and distant from each other lawns. For example, whether or not the robot to mow the lawn in front of house, fully charged battery and automatically through a narrow passage or track, go mow the lawn in the backyard, and then return to the base station without taking up your time?
7) Having a base for recharging kit. It's simple if the database does not exist, then you have to carry the robot to recharge at home or in the barn,
charge it, then refer back to the lawn and run. If the base station is, the mower is automatically charged. The robot itself out from the base station, he squints, he comes back and charges, and so throughout the season.
So I recommend to pay attention to the power supply which is powered base station. It should be wide-ranging, because in villages and cottage settlements often the input voltage does not fit the standards of 220V.
8) mowing the edges. This is a special program that makes the robot to pass along the edges and corners for a perfect lawn mowing. Mode mowing the edges can be implemented only on the robots, which can be captured grass outside wheels. Also on the quality of the lawn affect the deck (board on which are fixed blades) on the design of the blades and deck depends on the quality of mulching and mowing. In some models of robots decks have "floating suspension" deck with knives closely follows the relief of the lawn. Example mowing
Example mowing lawn edges:

But what happens to the edge of the lawn mower if not a function of cutting edges:

There are also other, less significant figures. For example, in the 2014 model can control the robot from a mobile phone. Now top models from Caiman (Series L300) can be controlled from a special control via Bluetooth. You can set the schedule to run, to get information about low battery, control the robot and so on. D.

The device is a robot lawn mowers

On the operating table, we have one of the most advanced models on the market: Robomow RS 630. Can mow up to 30 acres on a single charge, has crash sensors and rain, programmed by day of week, has multi-zone mode and a lot more useful chips, which, perhaps, keep silent, to "crown" the robot stopped harvesting.

In the "brain" of the robot laid combined algorithm of movement: on the broad areas - stochastic (the machine moves in a straight line until it reaches the wire or obstacles, then turns to a random angle), and in narrow spaces - deterministic (reaching the wire, the mower is set to one and on the same side of one and the same angle about 300 °). A rather chaotic route. Due to the regular run mowers, all sites will be sooner or later chamfered. Stubble height is set mechanical regulator from 2 to 8 cm.

Lithium-ion battery capacity of the machine 6 Ah and 26 V has a lithium-ferrofosfatny cathode. Due to this the number of cycles of full charge / discharge increased from 500-1000 to 2000, while "sparing" charging mode - up to 8000. From a fully charged battery can operate continuously mower 1, 5-2 hours, depending on the type of ground cover, topography area and other factors. About the same time it takes to charge the battery.

We note another important quality mowers - low noise operation, it is not comparable with the roar of a conventional electric mowers, not to mention gasoline.

Under the cover hides a miracle of technology:

The brains of the robot located on the motherboard:

Brains are made on the old controller, apparently went the way of our main rocket builders to work. Just for the money could be used solid capacitors, still the 21st century. Done well, everywhere all soldered, and in addition extensively flooded varnish - protection against humidity, although the box in which they are located, and so tightly arranged.
In general, the circuitry is very thought out and used part of the cell with a large gap on the survivability - that is to kill the brain is very, very difficult.

LCD Screen mower:

LCD top cover is boxing for the brain and, as you can see, there is a silicone gasket which gives a complete sealing.
In general, you can put 4-ku plus for electronics.

In the next photo: Front infrared sensor and controller perimeter sensors, as well Sensor Controller lifting the mower and turn the wheel controller.

As can be seen all too tightly - electronics are protected from moisture and dust.

This brushless motor, together with the three-clad lepeskovym knife. Steel, stainless steel, high-quality metal, in contrast to these floating blades mowing the grass completely and not tear it. The engine is equipped with a temperature sensor for safety to prevent overheating.

Now, of course, is not the time to talk about buying a robotic lawn mower. The season has just ended. But the future is worth considering whether you need it or not. Robotic mowers quite reliable devices. The main damage that may occur during the operation on wheels. But even such cases are extremely rare. Yet the good service should not forget when choosing a model.
The main labor occur only on the first day of installation and cabling perimeter no further complications arise. The mower does not even need to clean, as is the case with the robot cleaner.
On the other hand the prices, of course, quite high for this type of device, and statistics show that every year the price is not reduced.
As they say, the choice is yours.

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/qrobot/blog/202026/


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