Products that prevent you be Thumbelina

According to nutritionists, foods to which you are allergic, desperately prevent you to be slim or become slim. Take allergen tests on the products that you eat often, and even to those which nourish mistrust. This will be your first step to a slim figure!

1. Red wine

I like red wine, especially the cool evenings on Lake Garda or in a cafe in Paris. And at home, in Russia, I do not like. Two or three glasses of wine a steak and a conversation with a friend in the evening and in the morning and not my head, and his face is not mine, but also a sense of guilt in the bargain.

Passed the test for allergen-red wine. An allergy is present. Admission is prohibited. And like me, the masses. By the way, if you do not swell up after the wine, do not blush, but fullness, it is quite possible you have an allergy to wine hidden. And it happens.

Lucky as the Italians, the Spaniards, the French, who consume wine liters and no allergies. I'm sure they have a stable mass anti-allergen on red, and in addition to, and white wine. By the way, white wine, obviously harmless. Especially diluted with water.

And red wine causes a rush of blood to the organs, which leads to the capacity of adipose tissue and severe swelling in the thighs and buttocks.

2. Bread

In the first place, white bread. It's not even calorie bread, and that it is usually eaten with soup, meat, butter, sausage, yes to everything. So not to match products. Complex carbohydrates with proteins. What causes a strong fermentation in the body, intoxication and increased calorie intake.

It turns out that even the bread hand- made, sold in supermarkets like "Alphabet of Taste", made from flour, which does not meet international standards. Bread is baked it depleted fiber flour, which contains a reduced amount of vitamins of group B, protein and fatty acids. So easily converted to fat.

3. Smoked

It turns out, smoked sausages, fish want people who have problems with bile. Most likely, they are in stress, lead unhealthy lifestyle (eg, awake at night and sleep during the day).

By the way, if your body taps her foot and requires a particular product - so here's this particular within it there are very few. Wants to fish - there is a need of polyunsaturated fatty acids, lacking minerals (stress they spent very active), and even as a diuretic. If you feed it with minerals necessary pills and diuretics herbs - fish do not feel like it. I almost forgot, any smoked products - it's bad, because the toxins, fat and useless.

4. Meat soups

Most often, cook soups based broth of medullary bone in which a lot of fat called "purine". Purine actively breaking fat metabolism (and we already know that from this fattening). And even (horror of horrors!) Can lead to such unpleasant diseases like gout. Eat vegetable soups, girls, for example, soup of zucchini. From it, you can even lose weight!

5. Potatoes

What we eat potatoes? With mushrooms, sour cream, fish, and meat. In general, potatoes are usually innocent acts as a side dish, though he product yourself! And, if not respect him, he is more dangerous than white-bread prebelogo.

And there correctly potatoes need it! Boiled or baked (preferably on an open fire), with sunflower oil or fresh vegetable salad or steamed, grilled. And then - two o'clock or crumbs in your mouth!

6. Sweets and other desserts

No chocolates, candies, toffee, cakes, pies, etc. No sane woman is not able to stop in time, eating a candy. And do not argue with me! It is better to remember - how many calories. But a small amount of dark chocolate is not harmful, but even useful. Uplifting, besides just fun!

Now, about the importance. Desserts are usually eaten at the end of the meal. If in a scientific way, they seize the main dishes, thereby blocking fat burning, which is especially dangerous.

7. Nuts

I wept to hear that from the nuts too fat. Because they contain vitamin F, and a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids. You can have no more than 15-30 grams. Two or four days in the nut. Sad. And all because of polyunsaturated fatty acids attack the cell membrane and the body defensively begins to actively build solid fat to prevent cell collapse.

8. Fats

We are afraid to eat large quantities of butter, beef, mutton tallow, lard, but actively dressed with vegetable oil salads and other dishes. However, all fats are digested by 50-80 percent, and vegetable fats as much as 98 percent. And we thumps in vegetable salad is a vegetable oil, not knowing that now we eat easily digestible fats.

Sit for weeks on innocent salad, seasoned with vegetable oil insidious. Then wonder, "Why in the morning until the evening some salads and pounds from the scene do not move."

There can be no more than 1-2 tablespoons a day! Fry better on corn oil, and fill the dish - cotton or sunflower, first cold pressed.

And you can eat, cheers, lard (there is, there are nutrients). Not with bread and with bread, and not pounds.

9. Meat

Meat can not be more than 100 grams per day, of course, if you are not actively involved in sports. Body can absorb only a limited amount of protein, the rest is converted into fat. How Come? Because calorie. 100 grams of lean (!) Meat contains 300 calories. The safest - turkey meat and rabbit (best buy on the market). Only eat meat with vegetables!

10. Carbonated drinks

Any carbonated drinks - is completely sugar and sweeteners. And yet - the load on the liver, increased toxicity and increased fermentation in the body. Once fermentation is amplified, consumed calories begin slowly, so part of them is deposited in the form of fat. It's simple.


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