Crying Azarov

Touched by the statement of Nikolai Azarov on our roads. "It is impossible, - said Mr. Prime - without tears erase them." I somehow just a couple of questions there. Well, first, based on the environment Pan Azarov. As they say, the tongue, nobody pulled! I want to see him, sobbing somewhere on Zakrevskogo or Dreiser. Yes, even anywhere on Troyeschina (brought it back hard today - the tax, pension and other). And the rest of Kiev is quite possible to find a place for the prime minister's sobs. In addition to Downtown and perestelennyh Euro-central trunk Lesi, Red Army, and, at a stretch, Gorky.
Over the rest of Ukraine, and I'm afraid to think after yesterday's trip to Sumy. Well, to Piryatin clear - line, again last year perestelennaya. And then - this is not the way, damn it. This direction with hard (sometimes) coating. And it's not causing tears. And very often flowery adjectives, similes and wishes, consisting primarily of profanity in a particularly sophisticated design.
It is clear when you once or twice a day for provezut not particularly napryazhno route can be Scorch pitiful mine in the spirit of "Ah-ah-ah, you see, ah-ah-ah!ยป
Azarov, come, porydat, dear. Maybe Th change?


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