The most unusual and bizarre occupations you didn't even know

Mostly, employers require professionals versed in a familiar and familiar to us all industries: Economics, medicine, engineering and the like. But there are many others, not known to most people, the most unusual and bizarre occupations, which few people have heard and certainly no one knows, where they teach professional fishing ants show a master class in pulling the brain out of the head of the slaughtered animal and explain how to sell dreams. On these and many other odd jobs we will tell you in the continuation of the article.

Catcher ants

Eighty eight million four hundred fifty eight thousand seventy

The catcher must catch the ants in the anthill best individuals, which will subsequently serve to continue the race on artificial ant farms

Vynimatel brain

Twenty five million four hundred eighty four thousand four hundred ninety three

Work vanematele of the brain – the slaughterhouse. His responsibilities included putting the head of the slaughtered animal on the table and after he split the skull, take out the brain, which is then sent to restaurants.

Professional mattress jumper

Three million nine hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred seventy two

As children many of us dreamed of a job where you will not need to do anything other than to jump on the beds. It turns out that such work exists, but the people who do it, insist that it is not child's play. By the Reynoso, Ruben (Reuben Reynoso) works at factory on manufacture of mattresses "McRoskey", which is located in the heart of Potrero hill (Potrero Hill) in San Francisco. At the beginning of his working day Ruben puts a thick protective Mat on the mattress, the fabric of the mattress is not soaked with the smell of his feet. Then he stands in the center of one of the corners and makes five jumps forward and five leaps back. He developed his system of jumps, which allows him to cover the entire surface, but at the same time, don't jump too much.

Professional organizer Luggage children for their trip to the camp

Eighty nine million six hundred fifty seven thousand two hundred seventy four

Mother of new York city are paying "professional organizers" up to $ 1,000 to pack up their children for summer camps. Barbara Reich (Barbara Reich), of the "Resourceful Consultants" (Resourceful Consultants) are paid $ 250 per hour and it sometimes takes up to four hours to pack all of the Essentials for camp — including "French melirovanie Soaps" and "scented candles".

Despite the fact that it's fair to note that milirovanie French soap, scented candles, and overly ostentatious bedding for a child are contrary to everything for which stands a summer camp, what is clear is that these children will tidy the suitcases in the camp. Until, of course, all their clothes will not wrinkle, will not be covered with dirt and not be abandoned under their bunk bed on the first day.


Forty six million seven hundred fifty seven thousand eight hundred nineteen

From the Mueller family's unique living conditions, they are, in fact, are part of the "elite" group of middle class nomads who have agreed to a very peculiar lease. They live in luxury houses for sale at very low cost, but of course, there's the catch — the house must always be squeaky clean, in case, if you buy it, they should be ready to move.

Thus, while Mueller can enjoy the most luxurious of homes, they need to keep things clean and pleasant to maintain a precise temperature. Mirrors should always be perfectly clean, and the bed should look as if it had never slept. They must obtain a special permit if they want to invite more than 10 people in the house. When a potential buyer wants to inspect the house, the family must immediately disappear. And when the property is sold, they should pack up and move to the next luxury home.

It seems very strange lifestyle, but that is a very specific reason — according to real estate companies, houses sell better when they are someone who lives. Families like the family of Mueller, give the house a unique energy, which is not uninhabited house.

Professional Sonia

Sixty three million two hundred fourteen thousand two hundred fifty eight

In 2013, hotel Finn (Hotel Finn), located in the heart of Helsinki, was looking for a "professional sleeper" to test the comfort of its 35 rooms and blogging about it. Hotel Manager Tio Tikka (Tikka Tio) said that they were looking for "a dynamic person who could write a quality blog" about their experiences living in "the best spot of summer Helsinki."

The ability to doze was not the only requirement for the job. People had to be fluent in Finnish and English to their profiles examined. Knowledge of the Russian language was considered an advantage.

Hotel Finn was not the first who hunted dormice professional. Chinese surname Zhuang (Zhuang) was elected in 2010 from of 7,800 candidates as a test of the Sony in the Chinese online travel platform Qunar.

This type of campaign became popular after Ben Southall (Ben Southall) defeated the 35,000 applicants from 200 countries and won the "best job in the world" as caretaker of Hamilton island (Hamilton Island) on the Great Barrier reef (Great Barrier Reef), after a very successful campaign of the company Tourism Queensland (Tourism Queensland) in 2009.

A professional diver from the cliff

Sixty nine million two hundred sixty eight thousand seven hundred thirty four

Diving from a cliff into the unpredictable waters splashing below with the eight-story height, requires courage and precision. But can you imagine doing this as a job?

World competitions in diving from the cliff from Red bull (Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series) held for the sixth year and are held around the world. Tour, making seven stops, runs between may and October and visits the breathtaking steep cliffs in the West Indies, North America, South America, and Europe.

At this moment half of the contest, in which 14 men and eight women jumped in the city of Kragerø (Kragero) Norway, where they jumped from a height of 27 and 20 meters, respectively.

In connection with the increase in media interest, the episode of cliff diving became a popular sport. However, this sport is extreme, and is practiced by approximately 300 sportsmen all over the world. In order to be able to safely engage in this sport, you must have a lot of experience in diving or a similar sport.

The observer for the drying of the paint

Fifty seven million nine hundred eighty nine thousand two hundred three

The watching paint dry sounds like the most boring job in the world, but in fact it is much more fun than you think.

Over the past four years, Dr. Thomas Curwen (Thomas Curwen) works for an international company for the manufacture of paints called Dulux, watching paint dry. And that's what he's looking at on a daily basis is really quite mind-blowing.

34-year-old Curwen is a research scientist from Twyford (Twyford), Berkshire (Berkshire). Its full-time includes careful observation of the changing colors and particles of paint, as it dries — both on walls and under the microscope. This is a pretty important job, because it guarantees that the paint durable and not fall off at the slightest touch.

The sellers of tears

Eighty seven million two hundred eighty five thousand five hundred sixty

In Asian countries people are accustomed to restrain themselves, so the funeral service is a special mourners. The prices for services of such personnel will look something like this: cry – 1 coin; crying with howling – 3 coins; hysterical crying with howling and falling on his knees – 7 coins; sobbing with bytem his chest, tearing clothes and rolling on the ground – 20 coins. Before you begin, you must pass a test on knowledge of traditions, the ability to dramatically sob, and instantly calm down.


Seventy two million three hundred forty eight thousand six hundred seventy four

It's definitely not what you dream of when you go to College, but in 2012 a student who graduated University with a degree in music and English got a job as a human Scarecrow.

22-year-old Jamie Fox(Jamie Fox), who has just graduated from Bangor University (Bangor University), was hired to use a ukulele, accordion and cowbell to frighten partridges from a field in Norfolk (Norfolk). He was paid £ 250 a week to wear a bright orange coat and play the instruments in the field, the size of four hectares where birds are not afraid of ordinary stuffed.

His boss, a farmer from the town of Aylsham (Aylsham) named William Youngs (William Youngs), even told him to "bring a deckchair and a good book" for his days on the field of oilseed rape.

Mr. Fox even said that his friends are "slightly envious" of his work, through which he was able to afford a trip to New Zealand next year.

Nazyvali dresses

Seventeen million four hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred eighty seven

People in this profession invents a sonorous name for a new clothing collection. "Drops of blood on Garibaldi", "Rice pudding Jawaharlala", "the Seduction of a Prince of Bohemia" and even "Hippie-boy, take me!"is his hand work.

Perevorachivatel penguins

Forty million one hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred seventy three

These people work in Antarctica and save the poor birds, who stare at the planes and fall to the back. After all, by their nature, penguins are not able to rise.

Merchant dreams

Twenty five million five hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred forty three

Postal clerk dreams of becoming one night a great actor. Businessman wants to manage multi-ton structure. A psychiatrist wants 20 days off to meet 20 girls from 20 different countries. How to make their dreams a reality? One of the Chicago companies engaged in the realization of all fantasies and desires of its customers. All you need is to come to their office, tell them what you want and pay the amount that you will call experts. However, remember that the minimum cost of the dream is us $ 150,000.

Dressing guide

Ninety nine million six hundred fifty two thousand three hundred sixty four

A new service has appeared in China... On the streets of Chinese cities now you can meet companions who, for a fee of 4 cents ready to tell anyone where the nearest public toilet. In their work books and recorded: "civil servant – a WC guide!".

Test condoms

One of the major companies that manufactures condoms, has opened several new vacancies. The office is gaining young people for the positions of "condom Testers"! Unlimited number of consumables included in the standard equipment test. Whoever is the best will provide the office with useful information about the tests, will receive a prize of $1,000!

Writer predictions for cookies

Seventy eight million nine hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred fifty one

Popular throughout the feast the cookies with the predictions require regular and proper preparation of these predictions. Of the author must be a good imagination, because prophecy must be clear, interesting, diverse and unusual. At first glance, the work seems easy, but try to come up with at least a hundred of these predictions

Tester water slides

Seventy three million eight hundred eight thousand six hundred seventy

The main consumable on this job was the heat. They shall be cleaned with frightening speed, because here the main working weapon is the buttocks. And buttocks Tom Lynch is known throughout the world wherever there is water parks. His 5th point he has tested hundreds of slides, recording their feelings in special forms.

Listeners Parmesan

Ninety three million two hundred nine thousand fifty one

You know what is perfect pitch? In Italy, for example, is the ability to clearly sing "O sole mia" on the Parmesan cheese. In the factories where it is produced, people work with music education. They knock the silver hammer on the cheese to determine whether it is ripe. And Matures it for 3 years, daily putting out new music. The farther you go, the louder the Parmesan.

Neuchatel eggs

Thirty nine million three hundred nine thousand three hundred eighty three

In some confectionery is the so-called "Neuchatel eggs." They ensure that rotten chicken eggs were not used for the production of confectionery products

Stoyalschik queue

Thirty million six hundred ninety nine thousand one hundred ninety four

Frankly, you can enjoy for the Brits. Appeared in the country office, promising citizens that they will not stand in queues. For them it will make a specially trained "stoyalschik". Services are not cheap – almost $ 40 per hour. When you consider that every Englishman for his life is in line for more than a year, the savings on the face!

A taster of breath

Seventy two million two hundred forty three thousand thirty eight

Checks the validity of a chewing gum, sniffing the breath of people with sick teeth after eating garlic or alcohol. Good gum should drown.

Tasters from Amsterdam

Thirty nine million four hundred fifteen thousand three hundred fifty five

At the annual festival of marijuana in Amsterdam the weed manufacturers are competing in many categories: most delicious marijuana, the most beautiful color, the most cheerful, with the strongest effect... the Winner determined by the judges who have to taste up to 30 varieties of marijuana a day. And while winners are awarded for the most striking effect of the tasters try to return from the "land of laughter".


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