Pictures of people

This genre of photography has no name, but it was popular as a century ago, and now - in this day and age. "Pictures of the people" - most likely it may be referred to these photos. Without the use of Photoshop and other bells and whistles, you can create a true masterpiece of human beings, we need only correct "conduct" the bodies of models, building a variety of shapes.

This art originated in 1920 when two photographers Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas decided to create the world's first installation of the living. They lined up people like puzzle elements with such precision that anyone would envy. This process is heavy and laborious. A photographer outlines of the future picture on the ground, and then the soldiers lined up on the contour, and then "graded" on their height, hair color and even the color of clothes to get a harmonious picture, not that anyhow.

Basically Arthur S. Mole and John T. Thomas photographed the military, who just wants to take part in the creation of the next picture. You may notice that patriotic themes - the main priority of the photographers of those times, so Arthur S. Mole and John T. Thomas did not experiment, and went on the proven path.

Giant patriotic symbols could not catch anyone who loved their country and fought for it. Bet on religious and national symbols of America worked on "Hurrah!" And we can see it firsthand. This creative experiment drew two colleagues and the people of our time.

Main successor of Arthur S. Mole and John T. Thomas was an American artist and environmentalist named Daniel Dancer, creating large-scale paintings of latex paint and a huge number of people. But these songs are very different from those that were before, because the main characters are not soldiers, and ordinary students who patriotism in the principle of "give a damn", and the artist himself is not eager to make the patriotic symbols of the living.

Dancer manages the process of climbing up into the air on the balloon and the tower crane.

He wants his "celestial art" was appreciated and attracted a lot of people who are not indifferent to the problem of ecology. Animals - Daniel Dancer priority here today.


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