Alain Delon and Romy Schneider

When there is a meeting of two so beautiful, charming and opposite to each other people, it must inevitably result in love. In essence, what happened with this unforgettable couple - respectable actress Romy Schneider and Alain Delon reckless actor.

They met on the set of the movie "Christine" and initially each other quite liked. And what could be more common in wealthy aristocrat, which had already adored the whole of Germany, and the poor provincial actor with his father, a butcher and pharmacist mother, who lived in squalid room and did not have even the most inferior machine. But, in spite of everything, between the then very young people there was sympathy, which soon grew into love, which led to resentment mother Romy known actress Magda Schneider. Still, she certainly wanted better groom for his daughter. But, despite the fact that it is difficult to go against his family after the shooting Romy flies to Paris, to his beloved. In general, all their love story - a story of overcoming obstacles.

Overcoming resistance to the mother, to overcome the fact that in the eyes of Alain, Romy was still representative of the class, which he hated, and she, in turn, also had to contend with their stereotypes, because that does not say, but Allen, by virtue of its origin and education, did not know the etiquette for her elementary rules of behavior, there is little interest in books. And Romy decided to devote himself to his favorite, she teaches him how to behave in all high society instills an interest in books, discussing with them the reading. She tried, dissolving into his life, become indispensable to him.

Romy rejected all contracts that were offered, lived only for him. Until one day I saw him in a cafe with some girl on his lap. She became apparent his infidelity. But it is possible that, despite this, she continued to live with Alain, for the love of it all suffering. But at this time has already come to him the glory, and the final break was his letter in which he reported Nathalie Barthelemy and a child who will be born from them. Five years of passion, separation and overcoming came to nothing.

After that he and she were married but could not erase the mark. She decided to commit suicide, because her son and ex-husband died, with her second husband she divorced, and the love of her life was not. Later, when Romy was gone, Delon wrote her a letter published in a newspaper:

"You said you did not understand anything in life, but they all know how to do in the movies. But the great success reaches the actor, the more unhappy. Is this not the fate says Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayward? And your ... This is a terrible profession for women. I say this as a man and an actor who better than others knew and understood you. Someone might say that you were a myth. But this myth came home and turned on my Romy, a woman whose life was not understood, which badly written, which condemned and persecuted. In his solitude this myth quickly wears out. And poor heart stops beating because he was tired. It too long pulled ยป

Delon often says Romy most frequent visitor of his memories, but whether it is important now that nothing can not come back?


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