Invulnerability Beauty

Initially, many producers gave lapel-turn Delon, citing the fact that he is too handsome. But Luchino Visconti, parting with neorealism, specially invited Alain in "Rocco and His Brothers", and then wrote his amazing appearance in the Baroque beauty of "The Leopard". Michelangelo Antonioni in his "Eclipse" contrasted bezuprechnoct Delon irregular features Monica Vitti. His appearance was impeccable too, that sometimes seemed lifeless, since nothing could disturb the harmony of the face Delon. Beauty was almost standard. Almost immediately, in colloquial everyday life an expression: "Beauty as Delon," implying rhyme "Delon Apollo." In essence, he was pure form that could be filled with what you want, although it looks Alain Delon turned into a myth.

Gossip and rumors around Delon vast. Even the actor admits: My life story is so incredible that no journalist can it opisat.Tolko Bernard Viola still decided to write the book "Secret Communication Alain Delon," which can be said to secretly issued publishing "Flammarion" in 2000- year. All the other publishers in conflict with Delon afraid.

Viola carefully studied all the facts of the biography of his hero, and even reinforced its findings documented. Nevertheless, shoveled a mountain of information, discussions with all sorts of friends and, in particular, enemies Delon, write a book and finally publish it, Bernard is still admitted, I do not know where reality begins and fiction ends.

Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon appeared November 8, 1935 in the town of Haute-Sung Co. That kid is incredibly beautiful, it was clear right away, but his character is far from ideal, and gradually became apparent was not too pleasant bonus to his angelic appearance. Many others especially impressed in it Connect the opposite traits: an obvious talent, but the moodiness, restlessness, conflict. He quickly mastered reading, writing, though with errors. Allen grasped everything on the fly, and was prone to extremely precise imitation.

Delon's parents divorced when he was 4 years old. This event greatly affected him, he said, he almost does not remember anything from that period, but the feeling of uselessness he remembered forever.

As every parent immediately got a new family, Allen, when he was 8 years old, he was sent to a boarding school, where he was expelled many times for the intolerable behavior and hooliganism. So very soon all the schools refused to accept a sebe.My Delon Alain were pretty idlers. Guilty led to the cancellation of meetings with parents on Sundays. The punishment could serve slap and a kick in the ass, and marching around the yard, and long kneeling with arms crossed at his bed in the dormitory.

As a result, the mother took Alain in his family and in 1951, Delon went to school butchers, while working in the butcher shop, and after, and in the sausage shop, skillfully wielding a meat knife. Many years later, Delon will say that he is the only actor who knows how to properly cut the ham and cook baked pie. And in his spare time, the future star was engaged in cycling and boxing.

Allen could not find a common language with his mother - they often scandals, and the mother has made no secret of his desire that his son had gone out of sight.

And in 1953, Delon was in the airborne troops of the Marine Corps, then immediately got on the war in Indochina. In fact, Allen wanted to become a test pilot, but when he and his father came to set to flight school ended, and the next was to take place only after 8 months - neither he nor the parents did not want to wait so long, and Allen agreed on the marine infantry.

Even there, he often "guests" in a disciplinary battalion because of the same irascible character. Although the actor in an interview called that time "happy." According to him, there he was himself, and did not have to pretend to be anyone.

4 years later, Allen returned to Paris. He rented an apartment for two with a friend on the Place Pigalle, and his life then consisted of a cheerful company of girls, working as a waiter and a paperboy. While it did not come out, Harry Wilson, "bounty hunter" for Hollywood. Only Harry then put one condition: Allen had 3 months to learn English, and a contract in Hollywood for 7 years he provided.

As if fate Delon, sign the contract, he is not known, but Providence intervened in the name of the wife of the French director Yves Allegre.Ne was no call. I returned from Indochina May 1, 1956, was interrupted, he lived like everyone else, and one night a mutual friend introduced me to my wife Iva Allegre. She told me: "You are exactly the type which is looking for his film my husband. You have to meet him. " I met him. We talked for two hours. At the end of the conversation, he decided to give me the role in the movie Rolan "When a woman intervenes» .

Thus began his career in film.

The audience immediately fell in love with Alain. In the early 1960s he became the highest-paid actor in France. His royalties for each film is 100 million "old" francs. It was even more than his stellar friend and mentor Jean Gabin.

But after a while Delon one of acting was not enough, he wanted to try his hand in filmmaking.

In 1964, Delon was founded film company Delbeau Productions - he began to study and producing. After 10 years, he opened a second production company and - Adel Films. Filmed there over 20 bands that had great commercial success, in fact, it is a quality movie. For example, the film Monsieur Klein was awarded the prestigious prize "Cesar" .This is my best film as producer and the best role I've ever played "- confessed once Alain Delon Delon.U is not only his own studio, but the airline "Transyuniti" besides, your name he did patented brand name under which produced and sunglasses, and clothing, and other things that you can buy.

Alain Delon has appeared not less successful businessman.

He also has its own stables, the horses who successfully participate in the races, a furniture factory, a chain of stores selling clothes. Perfume with the name "Alain Delon" very successful in the market. The famous actor is one of the richest people in Europe not only because of its fees and advertising campaigns.

Delon We have big names next to Orleans and luxury apartment in Paris.

For me, the real luxury - it is an opportunity to do what I want, when I want, where I want.

Women such handsome, of course, did not leave for a minute. And if one, for whatever reasons, had to disappear from his life, another immediately took the vacant place.

Only one did not fall prey to his charms. There is a legend according to which Alain Delon and Luchino Visconti during the filming of "The Leopard" made a bet: Visconti claimed that Delon will not be able to seduce Claudia Cardinale, and he was right, and Delon is a bet lost, but he is still friends with Claudia.

When the director invited Romy Schneider in the movie "Christine," he promised her a meeting with a talented partner, is little known, but full of promise. I must say, it intrigued Romy. Alain Delon, who was at that time 23 years old, met her at the airport with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

Romy did not know French, but Allen did not understand a word of German. Yet, they were able to "negotiate" and go to one of the most luxurious restaurants "Lido" where young people began to communicate through facial expressions and gestures.

Just a short while Romy was much love and as much dissolved in the beloved. Delon, as they say, much afraid that it will become invisible in the shadow of the glory of the talented lover. This passionate and painful love affair never ended marriage proposal. Allen, after 6 years, the relationship has just escaped from the Romey, broke her heart and life. By the door she had just discovered a large bouquet of roses and a farewell note. Delon Romy still loved until the end of his short life.

For me female attractiveness - a sort of epiphany. It does not matter the color of the skin or hair, but do you see a woman - and there is a lovely flash! This is the attraction!

After parting with Romy Delon pretty quickly he married Nathalie Barthelemy, with whom he lived for 4 years and who gave him a son, Anthony. After Natalie was Mireille Darc - her Allen was 15 years old and broke up due to the inability to have children, but the former spouses to maintain friendly relations, then was Ann Periyo, then Catherine Pironi, and Rosalie Van Bremen, bore him a son and a daughter Annushka Alena- Fabien, with whom he also broke up. Now Delon alone.

By the way, Delon wrote that always envied Jean-Paul Belmondo, since that has always been close to the family, clan and even while his sense of loneliness almost never let go.

With Belmondo there is another conflict, or perhaps not at all conflict story. Not only that between them was always an unspoken rivalry, after the joint survey in "Borsalino" on the posters of the film Belmondo was mentioned once, and Delon two - why it happened, so plainly, and not as clear as it is not clear - offended you in fact, Jean-Pol or not. But the fact that they met again on the set only after 35 years.

Perhaps because of this constant feeling of loneliness, Delon lifetime is very fond of dogs. Total of 35.YA he had grown up with dogs and had them all my life. The first was dobermansha named Gala. Once I shouted at her and hit the bottom. She sat down. She looked at me - and I saw that she was crying. Since then, I realized, and now my dog ​​always smiling. Even if they might be a little nahuliganit.

It makes no sense to transfer films in which Delon starred as the directors with whom he worked, we all know that his film career has developed the most brilliant way. Allen could rightly argue that the self-made man, is taking its unique place, which has every right to be proud of. My mother gave me a favorable appearance. This is my main advantage. You had to be an idiot not to make a career.

His country, estimated its merits at its true worth, Delon was awarded the Legion of Honor, which he, oddly enough, had long dreamed of. Apparently, demand for recognition and feeling a little does not happen. At the ceremony is already a world-famous actor said, I have nothing to prove. No need to push yourself to the forefront. I just put myself in their place. And this one was not going to argue - Alain Delon will always be "an integral part of the image of France," her beautiful property.

On completion of his film career Delon said in 1999, the year ... but proved to be a two-year break, the actor once again began to take off, only now in the television series. Although he said it this way: My cinema has died with me. A series in which I act, as well as theater, has nothing to do with the movie. I did not break myself of this word is no longer snimatsya.I yet he slightly cunning, not everything said Delon, still lived there understanding and self-irony - in 2008, Delon returned to the set. It plays a parody of himself - Gaius Julius Caesar in the comedy "Asterix at the Olympic Games" - and did not hesitate. Living an entire epoch to soberly evaluate all the ups and mistakes, to look at myself in the mirror, like Caesar, who can not break away from his own reflection.

And in 2008, on the eve of its 73 th anniversary Delon appeared before the audience in a new way - theater director staging of "Love Letters," in which he also played the male lead.

Masculinity in the movie, in my opinion, belongs to my age. Now the concept of masculinity is more about the athletes. I, too, is often credited with the features of the perfect man, and me it does not bother: if you prefer - to health, do not like - do not worry ...

I believe that is becoming less and less macho. I hear women complain that "there is a real man!" What a pity that I can not throw twenty-five years!

In 2009, Alain Delon was the face of a new advertising campaign men's fragrance Eau Sauvage by Dior. But not invited him, but ... the young Delon, one that has remained forever young and beautiful in a frame. This photograph was taken in 1966 in Saint-Tropez. Alain then 31st birthday. By the way, an interesting coincidence, exactly in the same year and was created by the famous Eau Sauvage.

To keep in shape, make love and drink plenty vody.a is a versatile advice from Alain at all times.

You will never feel happy doing their job? Feeling. Between the moment when they say "Action!" - And that, when they say, "Stop!" - So spoke of the happiness of the actor, when he was 34 years old.

Next week we will be reading with her daughter play in which we will play together. This is true happiness - to play one play with her daughter ... After that I can die in peace! - And it is again the happiness, but 32 years later.

I Was Delon really so invincible and cruel, as people usually say about it, or is it only has a protective wall built them from the ruins of "happy childhood", when he was faced with rejection and a sense of uselessness in an age when it causes the most irreparable harm and leaves scars on the heart. Perhaps a lifetime moving away from his loving women, he first ran away from himself - abandoned and unnecessary, to whom he was afraid to be again. I do not think we'll ever know for sure about this - that lies behind this perfectly beautiful face. But we can admire it again and again.

What you love?

That morning I called the daughter - it is for me here Delon thinks and adds but the face of my love - like Romy Shnayder.


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