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Sex symbol women a lot, but among men they are almost there. The first who comes to mind is, of course, Alain Delon. This Frenchman battled all his views in the 1960s - 1980s, when his popularity was at its peak. Alain adored not only foreign women, but also the Soviet beauty, because in the world there was a man charming. He had many lovers, but he did not meet that unique, for which I would like to live. He and all those who surround it, talk about it, revealing all the secret part of the soul of the most beautiful men of the last century. What is he, a lone wolf Alain Delon?

I appreciate myself more as a former sex bomb

I resigned from my physiognomy only after the screens out one of the most famous movies of my "pool." I was thirty-three. Then I suddenly realized that the age of Christ, the soul of the samurai and the appearance of the hero-lover - that's what my contradiction and at the same time cast trump

Sometimes I have seen Slavic temperament. I do not know where it came from. Maybe from my friends and from women whom I loved?

Extremely difficult to be Alain Delon. Especially hard to be Alain Delon every day for a long life. To understand this, we must go in my shoes. But I must admit that it is both very cool

There are three types of actors: the bad, the good and the great. With bad everything is clear, they play mediocre, good - playing well. And do not play great. They just live for the camera. As Jean Gabin as Brando. How do I ...

I'm not going to complain about life - I had everything, I got all he wanted

I want you to love me as I have always loved, with all the passion of my soul

I - Scorpio, addicting nature, I have a rather nasty and quarrelsome character. Hence, many of my troubles in life

I do only those things that allow me to reach the top. I'm not one of those who lose

I never managed to adapt to American life. I die of boredom

Movies - courses for professionals. Just a shame to see how all of a sudden want to become directors ... That's where the crisis in the movies! The profession torn useless, incompetent people, fools besides

It is no exaggeration to say that I have already entered the history of cinema. Among my works there is even a 5-6 outstanding. So I am very much afraid to spoil the impression of himself any unsuccessful role

All my life I do not stop to argue the critics: "Delon and only does what is repeated, acting in scenes with a gun in his hand." But no one except me, did not make such a variety of pictures for different categories of viewers

A wise man once said: "Marriage - it's evil, but a necessary evil." I often think about it. Rather, marriage is not an evil, but a woman. In other words, a woman - a necessary, very necessary and obligatory evil

Allen - Shakespearean hero, easily get lost in the era of film noir style, contemplating our world steel look that poblёskivayut tears his early childhood (Pascal Jardin)

Alain Delon was a very nice guy, full of strength, energy and ambition. He was like a young crazy dog ​​who smells where the wind is blowing, but still does not know where to go (Simone Signoret)

Delon I really liked. He was handsome and charming (Olga Horsting)

He could get anyone to give up and everything, but people and things themselves inferior to him (sister of Alain Delon)

Allen recalls a young dog, it will remain so. Always looking for something, striving for self-destruction (Romy Schneider)

The life of Alain Delon - story for adventure novel (A. Braginsky)

Delon struck me the breadth of the range of his talent. His magnetism, ability to move, occupy a place in space, his incredible charisma, the ability to come at the right time. Working with an actor - the real happiness for the director (Philippe Lefebvre)

He knows his worth and is absolutely right. His steadfast character, and he says what he thinks, and it is not always properly perceived "a microcosm of Paris" (Claude Jade)

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